TV SERIES Review: Star Trek: The Animated Series S1E6 – The Survivor ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Season 1
CBS All Access (Original TV network: NBC)
October 13, 1973
Run Time: 24 minutes

Episode 6 – “The Survivor”

Near the Romulan border, the Enterprise encounters a ship with a lone survivor. They beam the man over and it turns out it’s Carter Winston, a friendly man well known by some members of the crew. His former fiance is aboard the Enterprise. Turns out Winston isn’t what he seems, leading to a conflict aboard the ship, with numerous crew members including Captain Kirk behaving abnormally.


It is fascinating how the alien life form known as an Andorian masquerading as various humans has a similar ability as the morph character in Terminator 2. It can turn into any human, although it doesn’t seem to need to touch and its not liquid metal like.

The way Winston beams aboard the Enterprise is somewhat problematic based on Next Generation transporter laws. They have filters in the transporter process to detect abnormalities. It is conceivable that the Enterprise transporters upgraded in the newer model ship, so that would explain how the alien got through undetected. Dr. McCoy detects the alien with medical tests.

Bottom line: it’s a very good episode, with palpable tension, especially when the alien forces the ship to cross into Romulan territory. Well worth a watch and rewatch if you, like me, haven’t seen this for many years. Recommended.

Episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

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