Activision Blizzard Files Lawsuit Targeting Netflix Over Hiring CFO

The CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, formerly employed by Activision Blizzard working for Netflix has generated a poaching lawsuit.

The quote in the article below I found curious:

“Netflix has a demonstrated pattern of caring only about attracting and employing whoever Netflix wants, regardless of whether it violates the law along the way,” the suit claims

Netflix sued by Activision Blizzard for allegedly poaching its former CFO – MarketWatch

Is the CFO that critical a person to allegedly poach from another company? Maybe for Netflix, that has had been in the hole financially despite the largest number of streaming subscribers, this is the perfect executive to target.

Could be wrong, but I think Netflix’ biggest problem is just making too much content. We’ve talked about this before (see: Does Netflix Release Too Many Originals? Maybe Ask New CMO Bozoma Saint John).

They seem to be following the strategy of throwing a lot of stuff against the wall and seeing what sticks. That perception might be wrong, but it sure appears that way and has given their originals somewhat of a black eye quality-wise, unfortunately.

Not sure how the CFO will change how much is spent on content, but being the Chief Financial Officer, surely this person would have some input on assets, liabilities and cash flow.

We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled on this lawsuit. My guess is it will be settled out of court of dismissed. Poaching lawsuits are rarely successful, it seems. Instead, competing companies tend to make unofficial deals with each other not to target each other’s key employees. I don’t think this would apply to Activision Blizzard, because they are best known for videogames, not what Netflix does.

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