Washingtonians won’t be seeing any more 2020 movies in theaters as COVID-19 restrictions extended to Jan 4, 2021

Empty seats, empty screens in Washington State for the remainder of 2020, per Governor order

It’s official.

We’ve watched our last movie in theaters in 2020. In Washington State where live, anyway.

My wife actually delivered the bad news to me today that our Washington State governor has extended the current restriction on movie theaters and other indoor activities from December 14 to January 4, 2020.

Citing a high number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalized patients, Washington Governor Jay Inslee extended the state’s current restrictions on indoor dining, gyms and several other industries until Jan. 4, 2021. 

Washington’s COVID-19 restrictions on indoor dining and gyms extended to Jan. 4 | king5.com

Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out on Christmas day and also on HBO Max where we’ll see and review it (sorry, no other choice available) and Monster Hunter comes out on December 30. We’ll miss both the weeks they are released, but there are other movies between now and then we’ll miss as well. I could list all of them, but no idea if any more will delay until 2021.

Our movie review coverage at this site will continue to focus primarily on streaming titles, because that’s the only place locally we can watch new movies. Our next vacation will likely be in March, maybe, if we even bother to go anywhere outside the state. Traveling in these times seems ill-advised.

Upon learning this new we immediately went to our AMC Stubs A-List account to make sure they wouldn’t charge us another monthly subscription fee. They charged us for this last month but we couldn’t see any movies in theaters making the program totally useless in our area. Their customer service line is closed because they don’t have anybody working to man the phone lines.

On a positive note, they show both our memberships changed to “pause” status, meaning, we think, we won’t be charged next week for another month.

The message says AMC will resume charging the monthly fee in March 2021 unless we resume it sooner. We are also members of Regal Unlimited, but that hasn’t charged us since February 2020, even when we returned to watching movies in theaters.

It’s not understated that this has been the worst year ever for cinema moviegoers. There have been some good movies that have come out, but — like it or not — streaming has been where the new movie action has been in 2020.

4 thoughts on “Washingtonians won’t be seeing any more 2020 movies in theaters as COVID-19 restrictions extended to Jan 4, 2021

    1. 2012? You mean 2021, I hope 😉 Yeah, trying to stay chipper myself, but when the whole theme of this site is movies and the theaters are our favorite place to see new ones and nothing is open for over half the year.

      Guess the positive side is we have our health. That’s more important.


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