Stephen King Stories Film Makers Can Option Non-Commercially For $1 USD

Dollar Baby program via

Stephen King has had most of what he’s ever written made into films, and he’s a very prolific writer, amassing dozens and dozens of novels — some of them very long — and a ton of short stories. Again, many of those short stories have been adapted into film.

He’s also had TV series made from his work like The Dead Zone, The Stand and others. He’s also had multiple adaptations of the same work (Carrie, Pet Sematary). Bottom line, if King wrote it, probably somebody will make a film out of it someday, somewhere, somehow.

He has this cool program for aspiring filmmakers called the Dollar Babies.

These stories are not under contract for movies, which means they are available for film students who want to try their hands at a Stephen King story. If you want to be one of my dollar babies, send us your info. Steve King

Stephen King | The Dollar Baby Program

The fine print is these films are purely for educational purposes, not commercial films, and King always gets a copy of the finished film. Got to wonder what King’s movie library looks like? To think all these Dollar Babies films are amateurish and bad — although most likely are — is probably inaccurate. Some of them might actually be promising and show talent.

Maybe when he dies, he’ll have something in his will that allows these films to be seen by others? You know, for educational purposes.

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