Movie Snack Check: 3D Doritos, Ever Try Them?

Popcorn is the ultimate movie snack, but what about Doritos. Apparently, 3D Doritos might be coming back (pictured above). What makes them 3D?

Though 3D Doritos claimed legions of ’90s kids as fans, they were sadly discontinued at the start of a new decade. For those of you who never got a chance to try them, 3D Doritos were puffy triangular hollow shells that came in Jalapeño Cheddar, Nacho Cheese, and Zesty Ranch flavors.

Doritos Is Bringing Back This Beloved Snack After 20 Years

For years I didn’t like Doritos at all. Then I started getting into eating them. They have a good crunch and flavor to them. They probably wouldn’t work good in a movie theater because they are a loud food, but at home snacking while watching movies, yeah, I can see it.

Never tried Doritos 3D. Have you? Good, bad, indifferent? What do you think?


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