Oscars 2021 Still On As Planned As In-Person Event, Not Zoom or Virtual

Personally, we think the Oscars should just skip this year’s awards ceremony for 2020 films and instead focus in 2022 on combined years: 2020 and 2021, however, we can see the case for the inclusion of more streaming movies included for award consideration.

The logistics of the event are under discussion and if they will be required — legally or otherwise — to provide a socially distanced environment.

But even if movie theaters stay closed, by holding the Oscars later in spring, organizers are now focusing to make sure that the event continues as it always has live. That may still create some questions as to exactly how many people are allowed inside the 3,400-seat Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, where the ceremony traditionally takes place.

Oscars Will Hold ‘In-Person Show’ in 2021 – Variety

Could mean the normal guest list for attendance will be cut severely down. Perhaps the more interesting story here assuming the ceremony goes on as currently scheduled is how many movies will be nominated from streaming titles?

Of course each Oscars category can have only one winner, so just because a higher percentage of streaming titles will likely be included doesn’t guarantee that more streaming titles will win. It just bumps up the numbers.

For years the academy has had a perceived — right or wrong — slight toward streaming new movies versus theatrical releases. Wrong or right, this luxury won’t exist at the next Oscars celebration.

Will you be watching the next Oscars event?

4 thoughts on “Oscars 2021 Still On As Planned As In-Person Event, Not Zoom or Virtual

  1. This will indeed be an interesting Oscars not just from what you shared but I am even curious about the after party. Lots of folks gathering around and how will social distancing look there? Also wondering will they cut the time or categories because of the small amount of films to choose from verses the streaming options? Unless they throw in some more musical talent to make the evening run a little long. No matter what it will be interesting and I will be watching. i

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    1. It will be nice to see streaming movies take more “center stage” if you will. Not sure how many will win though. Didn’t even think about the red carpet or after parties. Great points!


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