Looper Poll Finds 73% Favor Netflix as #1 Streaming Service, Amazon #2, Others #3, Hulu #4

Am not a huge believer of the reliability of online polls and surveys. Just too many ways they can be manipulated both in the way a question is phrased, the technology behind the polls themselves and who the poll is targeted at.

That said, I believe Looper’s poll has the order of streaming channels correct, if the percentages are a bit high. Netflix is #1 among streaming customers. They were there first, they do more new originals than anybody else and they continue to be advertisement-free, which was how they were founded. Their subscription prices are going up, but they are closing in on 200 million subscribers worldwide.

I also think their grip on being #1 is slipping. So, the whole 73% think Netflix is #1 is definitely disputable. I’d say if you look at all the streaming channels and widely and fairly polled people and combined it would be more interesting to see how close are #2 and #3.

Looper’s poll has Amazon Prime Video at #2. Again, for volume of movies, no other streaming service has Amazon beat. None even come close, but a lot of Amazon’s content archives are filled with movies most of us will never watch. Amazon has more of a “throw it all against the wall and see what sticks” strategy than anybody else. Either that or they just want to tout the raw numbers, like a tech shopping company would do.

Coming in at second place, with 12 percent, was Amazon Prime Video, which this year hosted the debut of Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm, amid many previous releases available for rental. Hulu took 5 percent of the vote. The remaining 10 percent went to “other,” and while there’s quite a number of other streaming options out there, the odds are pretty good that a decent number of these votes might’ve gone to Disney+, the new kid on the block, given that Disney’s streaming service not only contains every Marvel Studios film, but all of the Disney classics. 

73% of people think this streaming service is the best

Let’s focus on the 10% “Other” column. Where does HBO Max reside? I think they’re higher than the 5% Hulu has. I think Hulu has more than 5%. What about CBS All Access and Peacock?

The following is a pure guess on my part, no poll, just a guess as to popularity among movie and TV entertaining fans:

  1. Netflix 35%
  2. Amazon Prime Video 20%
  3. Disney+ 15%
  4. HBO Max 10%
  5. Hulu 7%
  6. CBS All Access 5% (soon to be Paramount_)
  7. All others 8% (AppleTV+, AMC+, etc)

None of those numbers are above are based on anything but my perception of interest and our own usage patterns of the various streaming services.

I think the numbers will continue to trend downward for Netflix as the other streaming channels create more entertaining and engaging original and/or exclusive content. Disney+ has a massive library of great IP and family movies. That’s going to lead to a lot of subscribers even though they haven’t added enough new content to keep new subscribers coming in at the same volume. Don’t count out Apple, they certainly have the cash laying around to make or buy plenty of new content. Paramount+ which will be the new CBS All Access in 2021 will also put a dent in Netflix.

What’s your take? Do you think Netflix is that far ahead? What do you think of my guess for breakdown between the streaming services? What’s your list look like?

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