Tequila as Liquid Courage for Margot Robbie’s Nude Scene in The Wolf Of Wall Street

Live action Harley Queen star, Margot Robbie, had a nude scene in The Wolf of Wall Street, and it turns out behind the scenes she needed some liquid courage to get through the experience.

The emphasis in the quote below is mine.

During the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street, Robbie needed to stand completely naked in a doorway. With this being one of the first scenes that she filmed with Scorsese, her nerves got the better of her. According to Her Moments, she could have shot the scene wearing a robe, but the actress insisted on staying naked. She felt that the character would not have had a problem standing in front of everyone nude, and she wanted to be true to her role.

Margot Robbie Took 3 Shots of Tequila Before Filming a ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Scene

Got to love actors committed to nudity when it isn’t absolutely required. What makes me curious was the scene that pivotal to the character that it would matter if she was wearing a robe vs. being naked? Robbie thought so.

I’ve only seen The Wolf of Wall Street once and vaguely remember the scene, so not sure she needed any tequila after all. At least in this viewer’s mind. Do you feel differently? Was it important nudity to the film?

It seems almost essential to add the above image from Wayne’s World. What’s funny about this part of the movie is there is actually no sex scene, just the beginning of it, the title and then cut to another scene, hence it was telling the viewer they were going to have sex, but they don’t actually show it. This is so true and funny.

And yet this scene in The Wolf of Wall Street. Was it truly needed for Margot Robbie to be nude? Would the bathrobe have made the scene any less impactful for her character and the viewing audience? Viewers that just wanted to see Margot Robbie nude would say yes it did matter, but somehow I bet it made no difference in the scene. Those who remember this movie better than me, did it make any difference? Robbie’s explanation for wanting to do the scene nude is intriguing.

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