That Time Madonna Stuck Her Tongue Out At Kevin Costner And The Resolution Years Later

Let Him Go ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The title of Kevin Costner’s most recent movie is apt to this post, only exchanging the pronoun for “her” instead of him.

I resisted the urge to use the headline: That Time Madonna Gave Kevin Costner The Tongue.

It just sounded like a little too much, despite the double entendre, but better title than what was settled upon. Oh well, a few less clicks. Am more interested in growing new regular readers than getting drive-by traffic from the masses for a single post.

That said, Madonna is something. I didn’t realize she had any beef with Kevin Costner, or vice versa, for years.

My proposed alternate title would have been an apt description of how she childishly reacted to what she believed was a tepid approval of her performance from Costner — on camera. He was embarrassed, but didn’t make a big stink about it. Taking the high road is usually the right move.

Years later, in 2003 or 2004, Costner took his daughters to a Madonna concert. He felt they should see her live. He didn’t call anyone to ask for tickets, he just purchased them on his own.  “And about the third song in, the lights were down, and she said, ‘I want to apologize to someone,’” Costner recalled. “And all of a sudden my face starts to get hot…. And she says, ‘I want to apologize to Kevin Costner.’ She just said it very simply. Ninety-eight percent of that audience didn’t know what she was talking about. But I really respected that, and it showed me the power of just keeping your own counsel for a long time…. Whatever possessed her, whatever was inside her, she came to her own decision.

Madonna Made Kevin Costner Feel ‘Hurt’ and ‘Embarrassed’ on Camera

Bravo to Madonna, a very smart businesswoman for doing something too many people in conflict can’t resolve themselves to do: apologize.

The following paragraph is going to sound preachy, but sometimes a little bit of that is warranted. Forgive me, it’s well-intentioned and will rarely ever be done here.

If we make a mistake, say something we didn’t mean or that didn’t come out right — and we all have at one time or another — if we hurt somebody through our own stupidity, rudeness, misinterpretation or whatever, just apologize. Two words, they can and do help.

Here, I’ll end with them in case there is anybody that’s been hurt by something I’ve said or done here at this site. Enemies aren’t worth taking to the next life, wherever that might be. Life is way too short. If the nightmare we’ve all lived through in 2020 hasn’t taught us that important lesson, well, maybe it should have.

I’m sorry.


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