Disney Getting Closer To Launching Star For Mature Movies They Don’t Want To Have on Disney+

Internationally, Star is more and more clearly becoming the vehicle Disney will use like they do Hulu in the United States. We’ve talked about Star possibly encroaching on Hulu territory domestically before (see: Disney Putting International Muscle Behind Star India instead of Hulu Global Launch?).

It makes us continue to wonder what’s going to happen to Hulu. If it will be the North America only adult hub for Disney+ and Star will be their go-to internationally? Seems like it’s going that way.

It is important to note that Star will not showcase Disney licensed content. It will, however, feature franchises like Marvel’s Deadpool, Alien, Predator, Die Hard, and ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. There will be no live TV option like Twitter.

Disney+ Will Be Offering More Adult Content Very Soon | Inside the Magic

I could almost make an argument that Hulu competes with HBO Max, but at a much lower price currently. HBO Max feels like a well that is not barely tapped, however. Once they cut a deal with Roku, HBO Max should better rival Disney+ for the third position in streaming (Netflix and Amazon Prime are #1 and #2).

No official announcement has been made, but with official social media accounts being readied it appears a Star announcement is coming.

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