Quentin Tarantino To Try Hand As Novelist, Signs Two-Book HarperCollins Deal

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ⭐️⭐️⭐️

By name recognition alone, Quentin Tarantino will sell books. People love to read, but I have to question his first ever novel being a movie novelization. He couldn’t come up with something he hasn’t already made into a film?

Quentin Tarantino has signed a two book deal with Harper, the HarperCollins imprint. First up is Tarantino’s first work of fiction, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, a novel to be published next summer that breathes new life into the characters and the premise of a film that got 10 Oscar nominations and won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Brad Pitt. Tarantino has long been infatuated with the movie novelizations he read voraciously growing up, paperbacks that accompanied a film’s release.

Quentin Tarantino Two-Book HarperCollins Deal; Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ & ’70s Movie Deep Dive ‘Cinema Speculation’ – Deadline

The other part of Tarantino’s first novel that I’m not digging is that it isn’t even based on one of his best movies. It’s a recent movie, sure, but if he has to do a novelization, wouldn’t Pulp Fiction be better?

I remember reading several novelizations but once you’ve seen the movie, the book that tells the movie — unless the book came first, of course — just isn’t the same. I’d rather read a great novel, something that wasn’t written using a film as the original source.

What about you? Do you read novelizations?

2 thoughts on “Quentin Tarantino To Try Hand As Novelist, Signs Two-Book HarperCollins Deal

  1. Interesting news. Tarantino as a novelist. I would give anything NOT to read whatever he would write, honestly. He better stick to directing and imaginative screenplays. I am sure he is so in love with his film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and wants to show so many other facets of the story, so he opted to write a book as well. How pathetic, if you ask me. It’s like he could not convey whatever he wanted through a film and now he wants to do it all again in writing. Like you, I also would rather read something that wasn’t an original movie.

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  2. I read novelizations of the Star Wars movies after seeing the movies. Those seemed to work well as the writers attempted to fill in some of the glaring gaps in the scripts. I’m not a huge Tarantino fan and I wouldn’t say the subject of this movie is one that particularly draws me in, so I’d probably skip it.

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