Tyson vs. Jones Fight Predictions – Will either win?

It’s boxing time tonight on Fite via TysononTriller (see: Will you pay $49.99 to watch Mike Tyson in exhibition fight vs. Roy Jones Jr?) and it’s time to make some predictions.

If you’re not interested in dropping 50 bones to watch the fight, it’s all good. You will be able to follow the live fight recap somewhere online. Probably one or more of the sports sites.

The way I see, these are a few possible outcomes (in no particular order)

  1. Tyson comes out swinging fierce and furious. Knockout by Tyson in the first round or two. TYSON WIN.
  2. Tyson runs out of gas after the first three or four rounds, Jones Jr. takes over and scores repeatedly throughout, especially the later half of the fight. DRAW. Neither fighter wins.
  3. Both fighters tire out and spend a lot of time clutching, grabbing and being broke apart by the ref. DRAW.
  4. Jones Jr. outclasses Tyson who has a brief moment of power in the first round and is used as punching bag throughout the fight. Tyson tries to go for the knockout here and there, but Jones slips it over and over or clutches and grabs. Blood is drawn and the fight is STOPPED BY REF. NO WINNER DECLARED.

People’s favorite would be option #1. I give this maybe 25% chance, if that of happening. Tyson has a lot of ring rust, 15 year out of boxing is an eternity. Not sure even though he looks very ripped that we will see much of the magic of his prime.

(MY PICK — DRAW) #2 is a more likely scenario, giving it even odds, 50%. Tyson will be most dangerous in the first round, maybe the second and less so as he runs out of gas. The two minute round times favor a more explosive match-up.

#3 will be the disappointing outcome. A boring fight. I’d say this is unlikely of the scenarios offered, let’s say 10% chance, given Tyson’s devastating uppercut power. I’m not sure Jones wants any part of being on the inside to be caught by that bomb. Giving this 20% chance. It’s similar to #2 in the outcome, however.

#4 is also a fairly likely scenario, maybe 40% chance. There is also a small, but plausible possibility that Tyson quits like he did in his last fight, thus leaving Jones Jr. the winner by TKO. I think this scenario, if Tyson quits, would mean no rematch, no more boxing for Mike Tyson. Any other scenario of the three and he might just box again in the future. We’ll see.

My statistical pick is #2. There is no declared winner. Sure, they will be scoring the fight and if it’s even remotely close, the judges scorecards will favor Tyson over Jones Jr. Next I’d give it to Jones Jr. and third Tyson for the quick knockout.

I know everybody wants to root for Tyson to knock out Jones Jr. in the first round with some sort of vicious punch. Admittedly I’d like to see that young Tyson boxer again, but he’s 54. Even he said just hitting the bag for 20 seconds when he first started gave him pain. Not sure we’ll ever see that Tyson again, but am willing to spend 50 bucks to hope to see it.

Also, I think Roy Jones Jr. is a much better fighter than some might be giving him credit for. This leads me to believe he will either invoke a draw or win the fight himself by frustrating Mike’s style. Mike likes to come in fast and strong and Jones Jr. should be experienced enough to bob, weave and dodge his ferocious onslaught. I say should because any fighter on any day can be taken out by a good punch.

Am making these predictions early on fight day … about six hours before the fight begins. There is a lot of interest in watching this event. Whether or not it’s interest in the outcome of the fight, or the fact that two 50+ former boxing champions are duking it out or it’s something like reality TV in the sports world, this promises to be entertaining. Considering you could get several months worth of entertainment on a streaming channel for the same price, it might be better served to follow the fight through online text live recaps. If you happen to have the discretionary dollars, then it’s a safe way to spend the night watching something … different.

Are you planning on watching the fight tonight? If not, but still interested, who do you think will win? Or, like me, do you think it most likely ends with no winner declared?

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