U.S Households Signed up for 9 Million Total New Streaming Subscriptions in Q3 2020 vs. 2 Million in 2019

Streaming has benefited in 2020 from the pandemic, with three streaming services performing especially well with new subscribers over the third quarter 2020: HBO Max, Hulu and CBS All Access. Hulu more from their live TV subscription offering as more people ditch cable and satellite for streaming live TV.

Americans are streaming more video than ever before amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The average U.S. household now subscribes to 2.5 streaming services versus 2.1 a year ago, according to an estimate from analysts at UBS. Americans signed up for 9 million total new subscriptions last quarter, way up from the 2 million subscriptions added in the third quarter last year.

These 3 Streaming Services Crushed It Last Quarter

In 2020, I’ve been most impressed with Hulu. I didn’t really watch it that much before this year, but felt like I was missing something good. The Mandalorian aside, Disney+ has been underwhelming by comparison to Hulu, at least for what I want to watch.

We’re renewing Disney+ for another year, but it’s still mostly a play for our grandchildren, it’s not something we will watch very often. Again, except for The Mandalorian which is about to air episode #5 of 8. That’s three more to go and then another drought of new content until Pixar’s Soul drops on Christmas (see: Disney Diss? Rips Soul From Theaters To Be Disney+ Exclusive) and additional intended for theaters show up on Disney+.

Am also surprised to see CBS All Access on this list. They have a very small library of movies, but do have some good, mostly classic TV shows to watch. They are pretty much the only game in town to stream season four of the classic Twilight Zone. The one with the hour long episodes. They have the other four seasons also and Jordan Peele’s most recent version of The Twilight Zone.

Any big streaming channel surprises above for you?

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