Mortal Kombat 11 Rambo Ending Compared To Last Blood By Screen Rant

Rambo: Last Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

A curious Screen Rant article that compares the videogame ending of the non-canon Mortal Kombat 11 for John Rambo to the ending of the final movie in the series. We’ll be biased on this, but we actually enjoyed Last Blood. I just downloaded the MK 11 Game Pack for the Nintendo Switch, so didn’t know much about the ending.

If you don’t want the videogame John Rambo ending spoiled, best exit this post now. I don’t really consider videogame endings spoiler material, but throwing out that warning just in case you do, before reading the quote below and/or following the link to the full article.

In Mortal Kombat 11, Rambo kills the game’s villain, Kronika, and sits next to her body with a look of remorse. To his surprise, he is given her time-bending powers. Rambo never expected to receive her power; he just wanted to put an end to the fighting in MK11. With Kronika’s power now at his disposal, he considers righting all of history’s wrongs. He then quickly realizes that choosing the fates of billions – choosing who lives and dies – would make him no better than the men who sent him to fight in Vietnam. In the end, he returns the power and decides to live in woodland solitude (in a setting that looks strikingly similar to First Blood’s Washington).

Rambo’s MK11 Ending Is Better Than Last Blood | Screen Rant

Videogame storylines vs. movies? Not sure where to go with this except my first thought is two different mediums. I am not that into story modes on games. I don’t want to watch a bunch of long movies, I want to play a game. I’m there, ready to do something, not in a passive watching mode. The only place I really like stories are at the end of a game after beating it. There is a reward to watching end credits roll in a videogame you fought hard to beat.

That said, I wouldn’t compare Rambo’s videogame ending to Last Blood. Will admit seeing a number of people disappointed in Last Blood thinking it could have done more for John Rambo, but I think the most characterization happened in First Blood and every movie since was pretty much shirtless, sweaty Stallone finding creative ways to execute bad guys. In Last Blood, we had more of an elder statesman Rambo with sort of Western motiff and some hard R rated Home Alone booby traps, oh and don’t forget the beating heart Indiana Jones Temple of Doom ripoff.

What do you think? Videogame storylines compared to movies? Justified? Yes, no? Ambivalent?

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