Netflix Quietly Settles with Chooseco in Black Mirror Lawsuit over Choose Your Own Adventure

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A lawsuit update has come in.

In October 2019 we wrote about Netflix being the subject of a legal dispute over their interactive viewing program Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (see: Netflix Says More Viewer Interactive Movies Like Bandersnatch Are Coming).

At the time we tried to find out the status of that lawsuit with Chooseco, that owns the tradmark for “Choose Your Own Adventure” and it appeared the case was still pending.

Netflix has now reached a settlement, although the details haven’t yet been made public. The article does do some speculation, as we did as well. We promised to provide an update on the court case whenever we saw one. That day is here.

Best guesswork says that Netflix reached some kind of agreeable number for using the Choose Your Own Adventure trademark in the promotion of Bandersnatch. The real question is whether that deal includes any future use of the reference in other interactive films, or freedom to use the name “Choose Your Own Adventure” in describing the genre of interactive films Netflix is producing. If possible that would be a shrewd legal move on Netflix’s part, as Bandersnatch signaled that modern audiences are open to the novelty of interactive viewing – if done right.

Netflix Reaches Settlement In Black Mirror Lawsuit

Am not a fan of lawsuits like this where the details aren’t known. I realize no company wants to have negative publicity and maybe part of the reason the details aren’t public yet is Netflix plans to partner with Chooseco and co-brand with them for the interactive viewing genre. Suppose we’ll know soon enough.

Hopefully the interactive genre continues to expand. Only certain stories will fit this type of creative storytelling, but it’s something I’d be interested in watching more. What about you? Have you enjoyed these type shows? Or do you prefer more passive viewing that doesn’t require making decisions with your remote?

Guess it’s the gaming fan in me that likes the genre. As pointed out originally, there is a history in videogaming of interactive storytelling. Also enjoyed the books, now licensed by Chooseco. Whatever the details are, the main takeaway needs to be more of this content being created. Netflix paying license fees to Chooseco, fine, co-branding, fine, just don’t sit on a trademark and not let anybody else do anything creatively.

Perhaps a year from now or sooner we’ll know what’s happening. Feel free to chime in the comments below if you see an update with more details or to let us know if you enjoy these type of interactive viewing experiences.

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