Wonder Woman 1984 will be released at HBO Max and Theaters Simultaneously on December 25 – Where will you watch?

A bonus additional post today for this major movie news: WarnerMedia has announced they will be releasing Wonder Woman 1984 to HBO Max on the same day it’s released in theaters December 25, 2020.

International theatrical markets will get to see this nearly 10 days early.

“Wonder Woman 1984,” Warner Bros.’ sequel to the popular 2017 superhero film “Wonder Woman,” is going to HBO Max, the studio announced on Wednesday. The film will be released simultaneously in theaters and on the streaming service in the United States on December 25. It will debut in international markets on December 16.

‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is heading to HBO Max – CNN

HBO Max subscribers will be able to watch the movie for a month before it leaves the service. It will continue to play in whatever theaters are open and then go the VOD/PVOD route and, presumably, return to HBO Max and/or other streaming channels at a later date.

The next question becomes what theaters will this show in the United States? All theaters are closed in our area until December 14 when hopefully they’ll reopen. AMC and Cinemark, will they show a day and date release? I’m guessing that they will, but the CNN article is vague on those details.

This is an unprecedented move. A day and date release for a tentpole Warner Bros. movie domestically. Sure, the international market is getting a week plus head start, but this is a very curious move. We no longer have to see and hear speculation on what they are going to do with WW1984.

This will be an interesting test — at least in the current movie climate — to see how many moviegoers watch it on the big screen when they can see it on HBO Max. Will streaming viewing cannibalize theatrical viewing? In places where no theaters are open, of course it will, but this is a movie that screams to be seen on the big screen.

Will you be going to see this in the theater or watching it for the first time on HBO Max? If we can see it in a theater nearby, we will. If not, we’ll be watching it on HBO Max. What about you?

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