Lesflicks is a niche streaming service for bisexual and lesbian viewers

We’re fans of niche streaming services like Shudder for horror. Just learned that a lesbian-themed streaming service called Lesflicks (https://www.lesflicks.com/) is available online. The cost is $59.99/year or $5.99/month with a free trial available.

Today, it offers almost 80 titles including feature films, shorts and web series and has hosted dozens of virtual film-watching parties for LGBT+ women, attracting subscribers from the United States to South Africa, India and Jamaica. “We’re not just putting films on a platform, but also bringing the community together online,” Bennett, 38, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation during a video call.

Lesflicks, the lesbian streaming service thriving under lockdown

A legitimate question, yes, but the answer appears to be no, this is not a porn channel featuring lesbian sex. It’s more about and for films involving lesbian and bi characters exploring adventure and relationships.

Anybody subscribed that’s reading? 80 movies doesn’t seem like very many. I’d say they need to up the content to a couple hundred titles to be charging on par with what Shudder is charging. I like niche-focused streaming services.

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