Arcade and Console Videogaming Heaven – Legends Ultimate Arcade

Right up there with our passion for movies is videogames. We don’t talk a whole lot about gaming here, but we’re huge game fans. Arcades, consoles, portable, you name it.

For reference, we’ve either played or bought the vast majority of home console gaming systems for the last 30+ years. We’ve survived Microsoft’s red rings of death on the Xbox 360 (7 of those machines we burned through, true story) and enjoyed all incarnation of the Playstation (with one exception, keep reading), loved the early onset NES, SNES, N64, Wii, Switch, Sega Genesis and its various incarnations, a bunch of Atari systems (2600 through Jaguar), Colecovision and even some offbeat systems like 3DO and my personal favorite for 2D fighting games: Neo Geo. We’ve also played or owned many portable gaming systems, clearly we love the hobby.

That said, it’s a bit odd that the newest game systems, Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox S are not on our immediate radar — we’re normally looking very forward to buying the newest game system and playing some new games. We just don’t have that urge with the most current generation. Sure, we’ll likely play or buy one or both of them eventually, but not likely this holiday season.

However, another system that was an immediate purchase when we found it in stock at Sam’s Club again (see top image): Legend Ultimate Arcade. We kept refreshing that product page and on 11/14 it showed as available to order. A couple hours later it was out of stock again.

Our middle son recently was interested in buying an arcade game machine for his new home. I didn’t hesitate to show him the system I’ve been tracking online: AtGames Legend Ultimate Arcade. He bought it right away, it shipped a week later and it took us under 30 minutes to assemble.

Legends Ultimate is the world’s first connected arcade. Legends Ultimate includes 300 of favorite licensed arcade and console games in an expandable, full-size arcade machine designed for players of all ages, skill levels and play preferences. Featuring cloud gaming functionality, hundreds of top titles with access to countless more, connectivity, arcade-quality controls, and customized game integration options–play your favorite games the way you want on this amazing platform.

Legends Ultimate Arcade – Sam’s Club

For our grandchildren, this arcade system was love at first sight.

For videogame fans, especially old school arcade fans, this system is the real deal. It might very well be our most favorite system we’ve ever purchased, because it’s like all systems in one unit. You can even stream next generation systems and PC to the full standup arcade system and use the controls.

If you’re a gamer, this should be on your radar. We don’t review videogames or arcade systems here as of this writing, but if we did, this would be rated highly and recommended.


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