5+ The Kid Detective Reviews – When We’d Rather See The Kid, Not The Grown Up

The Kid Detective ⭐️½

Can’t remember the last time I wanted to see more of the flashback time than the present day, but that sort of sums up feelings generated here. It’s simply the kid felt more interesting.

Adam Brody is best known as hapless heartthrob Seth Cohen in teen melodrama The O.C., so there’s something cosmically appropriate about his role in The Kid Detective, in which he stars as a washed-up adult basking in the glory of his youthful successes. With his Chuck Taylors, casual blazers and messy hair, the 40-year-old Brody even looks like an all-grown-up version of his most famous character.

‘The Kid Detective’ Finds the Dark Humour in Being a Washed-Up Manbaby Directed by Evan Morgan

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

A Young Sherlock Holmes

There’s something cool about a kid who can solve almost everything. A prodigy detective with that one case that eludes him. This is what drives us to the adult story, the kid grown up now facing the failure of that unsolved case.

But I kept asking myself, what if we had stayed in the same time as the kid and let him work through solving that case as a kid? I know, I know, the case is an adult one, it’s not for kids, but that’s part of the beauty to the concept.

Guess I just kept watching this movie thinking about a different story I wanted to watch than what was on screen. That rarely happens. Not sure if props should be given for that or not.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of The Kid Detective?


  1. fanboyreviewer: “wasn’t a masterpiece, but it was a decent time in the theatre with a stellar lead performance along with a generally entertaining story”
  2. One Movie Our Views (3.5/4): “Maybe it’s because I used to love the Encyclopedia Brown books as a kid, but The Kid Detective simply hit all the right marks for me. If you are a fan of hardboiled detective movies, or films that successfully mimic that tone such as Brick and Assassination of a High School President, then this winking but loving homage proves to be a delightful and absorbing treat to watch.”
  3. Ready Steady Cut: “At first glance, a film starring Adam Brody as a down on his luck former child detective seemed easily dismissible. What could have been a poor homage to a clear rip-off of the USA network show Psych turns into a quietly effective gumshoe comedy with some heft.”
  4. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation (3/4): “With its lesser-known cast, “The Kid Detective” was always going to get lost in the cinematic shuffle, with or without a pandemic closing most theaters. But Morgan and his new muse have concocted a whodunit that could give Hercule Poirot a run for his money in a contest for the year’s best mystery.”
  5. The Canuck Critick: “I couldn’t help being reminded of investigation dramedies that Canadian Television does so well yet rarely does anymore, where a character resolves their lives alongside a mystery.”
  6. TheFlemishSeth: “Brody’s wildly fun performance makes The Kid Detective an unquestionably delightful experience, taking the mystery sub-genre to comedic highs while throwing a sincere adult coming-of-age story in the mix that’ll make you grin from ear to ear.”

Not Recommended

  1. Perry At The Movies (4/10): “Honestly, I’m finding it hard to find words to write a meaningful review on this film. Just like the movie, I’m all over the place and wish I could give you more, but alas you’re left thinking, “What was that?” Overall, I could only recommend watching this film on a streaming service. At least if you’re going to fall asleep, you can do it at home.”

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