Chinese Backdoor Scare in non-Roku powered TCL Smart TVs

We last checked in on the company TCL here: TCL Wants a Piece of Roku’s Action – Talk about HBO and Peacock Irony. If you don’t own a TCL smart TV, then you can safely skip this post. Otherwise …

Potential hack alert.

TCL smart TVs running Android seem to have huge security holes and could even be designed to spy on users around the world, two security researchers say. The issues do not affect TCL sets running Roku software. “I can wholeheartedly say that there were multiple moments that I, and another security researcher that I met along the way, couldn’t believe what was happening,” wrote a researcher calling himself “Sick Codes” in a blog post earlier this week. “On multiple occasions I found myself feeling as though, ‘you couldn’t even make this up.'”

TCL smart TVs may have ‘Chinese backdoor’ — protect yourself now | Tom’s Guide

The last time I checked, smart phones were the biggest target of hackers. Could we be headed to a world where smart TVs, seemingly dormant and out of sight and mind tech-wise become the new lazy frontier for malicious hackers?

Roku is probably glad at this point they don’t have as much business with TCL. Security vulnerabilities, especially serious ones, can be as toxic as a food outbreak like salmonella in a restaurant.

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