HBO Max Finally Available On Amazon Fire November 17, 2020, Roku Next?

HBO Max now soon to be almost everywhere

WarnerMedia has been steadfast believing that a deal would get done by the end of 2020 with Amazon Fire and Roku. Good to see that Amazon has inked a deal first and their Fire TV and stick users will be able to stream HBO Max starting Tuesday November 17, 2020.

The companies announced this morning HBO Max would begin to roll out to Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and Fire tablets on Tuesday, November 17. This will expand HBO Max’s potential reach to “tens of millions” of Amazon device customers, WarnerMedia said.

HBO Max arrives on Amazon Fire TV devices

From a deal making standpoint, this weakens Roku’s bargaining position (see: DEAL BREAKER? Roku asks 20% of subscription fees and 30% of ad inventory from partner channels, says Variety¬†report). Do they really want to be the only one that doesn’t have HBO Max on their service? Don’t think they do.

And yes, we’re aware there are some workarounds, like using Apple Air2Play and casting from an iPhone or Tablet, but there are a lot of ifs, ands and buts to make that work. Roku needs to ink a real deal and fire up the HBO Max app that we all know is already made and waiting to be activated on Roku.

Despite whatever this means for Roku, it’s good news and we’ll take it. HBO Max should have been available from the start on Amazon and Roku, but one down, one to go.


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