More Stephen King Adaptations In The Pipeline

Although King adaptations vary in quality, it doesn’t stop studios from making more, more, more (see: Two months after publishing of Stephen King’s novella collection If It Bleeds already has option deals).

It’s almost like if King sneezes an idea on a cocktail napkin, somebody will race to option that for film. I say that jokingly, and yet with admiration for one of the most beloved living authors on the planet.

So, we’re in the flow part of the ebb following King’s successful adaptations. What else is coming?

There will be plenty of chances to see if that’s the case, assuming that development and production of at least some of the upcoming King-based projects don’t continue to be sidelined by the pandemic. First out of the gate next month will be CBS All Access’ new limited series based on The Stand, while Apple’s Lisey’s Story, and an HBO follow-up to The Outsider are on the way as well. Movies slated to begin production in 2021 (pending the pandemic) include Revival, ‘Salem’s Lot and Firestarter.

Why The Golden Age Of Stephen King Adaptations Could End | Den of Geek

The article above is suggesting King’s adaptations might be winding down. We sure hope not! What are you looking forward to seeing from Stephen King’s work?

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