The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXVIII “Survivor Type” Parody: “Mmm Homer”

Filed in the Did Not Know that The Simpsons parodied Stephen King’s “Survivor Type” before the serious, horror animated Shudder Creepshow adaptation in 2020 (see: FIRST LOOK: Creepshow (Animated TV Special) – Shudder).

In 2017, The Simpsons released “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII”, the 28th installment of the anarchic cartoon comedy’s annual Halloween specials. Like all “Treehouse of Horrors”, which frequently kill off the eponymous Simpsons, the special was a non-canon outing that parodied Coraline, The Exorcist, and bizarrely, “Survivor Type”. This being The Simpsons, their version of events is a bit different from King’s original story. For one thing, it’s Homer doing the self-cannibalizing. For another, he does have other food available to him — he’d just prefer to eat himself rather than vegetables or lunch with Flanders. Finally, the segment is set in the family’s Springfield home rather than on a desert island.

How Creepshow Resurrected The Simpsons’ Secret Stephen King Parody

Watched The Simpsons episode and it’s a very loose parody. The only part worth comparing is Homer trying to eat himself, but of course it’s comedy so he isn’t stranded on an island, he’s just home and runs out of food. Why doesn’t he go to the Kwik E Mart? That’s never really answered, but perhaps that’s the part of the joke(?)

Whatever you think of this episode, I’m a fan of these yearly Treehouse of Horror. They aren’t constrained by keeping the characters alive in the regular stories, which makes them unpredictable and fun.


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