Netflix TV Channel Begins Testing In France on the Web Only

Some streaming channels offer a real time TV option and it seems that Netflix is now toying with having its own TV channel called Netflix Direct but it’s only available in France on the web, nowhere else.

Of course, Netflix has plenty of suggestions and algorithms to point viewers in the right direction, but this week, the company revealed that it will start testing a new feature called Direct that serves as a real-time TV channel populated with shows, movies, and more from the service. Direct is always running, whether you’re watching or not, so you can tune in and out whenever you like if you can’t decide what to watch on your own.

Netflix is finally testing the feature everyone has been demanding – BGR

We’ve become used to on demand viewing, so this doesn’t hold that much interest to us, unless Netflix uses it to debut new movies first and then put into their on demand library thereafter. Am not saying they should opt for that strategy, but it’s one strategy that some channels have used. Shudder does it, for one, HBO does it sometimes also.

Would you watch a Netflix real time TV channel or prefer on demand?

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