Alex Trebek Dead at 80 From Pancreatic Cancer, He Hosted Jeopardy Until The End

A stellar 65 seasons of the game show Jeopardy! have been produced, with Alex Trebek as host since 1984

Another sad death to report due to cancer in the form of the long time host of the popular game show Jeopardy!: Alex Trebek has moved to the great beyond

Trebek was best known for his role behind the podium on the long-running quiz show Jeopardy!, which he began hosting in 1984 when its daily syndicated version launched. At the time of his death, Trebek had presided over more than 8,000 episodes of the beloved, and he had planned to remain host of Jeopardy! until at least 2022, when his new contract expired.

Alex Trebek Dies: ‘Jeopardy’ Host Dead at 80 of Pancreatic Cancer | TVLine

Trebek joins another cancer victim who passed recently, Eddie Van Halen and others who have died this year (see: The List of Talented Entertainment People Dying In 2020 Continues: Sean Connery RIP at 90)

Personally, didn’t watch much Jeopardy! but always enjoyed what I saw of it when somebody turned it on and there’s no denying that Trebek was a master host. He was the guy to have in that spot, just like Richard Dawson was Family Feud.

It’s unlikely a cure for cancer will be found in my lifetime, but I believe someday that cure will be found. Trebek was 80 years old, so he wasn’t taken away as early as some are, but we need to find a cure. A lot of much smart, smart people are working on it which bookends this post on a note of hope for the future.

RIP Alex Trebek.

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