10+ The War With Grandpa Reviews – Senior Citizen vs. Middle School Kid + Christopher Walkin & Cheech!

The War With Grandpa ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

A bedroom hangs in the balance for this war between age vs. youth.

Edgy it’s not, but everyone seems to be having a pretty good time, perhaps especially the senior class. File it under De Niro’s commitment to be constantly working — augmenting dramatic roles like “The Irishman” with lighter fare, such as the “Meet the Parents” movies and “The Intern” — without excessive fretting about the quality of the material, which he elevates as best he can.

‘The War With Grandpa’ review: Robert De Niro stars in a light family comedy – CNN

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Pranks old vs. new

The whole setup for pranks employed by grandpa, who uses tools vs. grandson that employs more technology is a bit stereotypical but used to good effect. It plays off the notion that grandparents typically aren’t as good at tech as their grandchildren. Although the scene involving the computer shows that Grandpa can learn about computers and do something prank-worthy there as well. Liked that exchange.

Sometimes the corny family-friendly comedy works

This isn’t high brow comedy. It doesn’t feature a sardonic a-hole in the lead smirking at the camera constantly (looking at you Andy Samberg) or some hyper political satire (Borat!), it’s just an old guy waging war — yes, sometimes very silly and immature — against his grandson.

Looking over the other reviews, we’re trending toward the minority on this one by liking it (so did audiences at Rotten Tomatoes). We might have been a bit high on the star rating, but so what. We had a good time watching it. That’s what we go to the movies for: to have a good time, to be entertained, to laugh, cry or feel something else. When it comes to comedy, at least in our criteria, we aren’t as critical on everything being plausible. Comedy shouldn’t be as constrained. Some of our favorite comedy movies are farce.

You wouldn’t want to play dodgeball against one half of Cheech and Chong and Christopher Walkin?


Reviews by Others

What do others think of The War With Grandpa?


  1. Another Millennial Reviewer: “Overall, too tame to be enjoyed by some, schlock for the most part and clearly a paycheck for De Niro, but it does have its moments and Walken and Thurman steal the show”
  2. David Craig Movies: “…is a bit of fluff. But so is cotton candy and who doesn’t like cotton candy?”
  3. Guy At The Movies (3/5): “Why this was not sent straight to streaming I will never understand, but this was a simply fine movie that, much like many other films I’ve watched recently, are harmless escapes from the current insanity of the world. “
  4. Irish Film Critic (3/5): “…it is 94 minutes of pure harmless fun and hijinks.”
  5. The Legionnaire: “There is nothing special about The War with Grandpa. Then again, any time you have an opportunity to instill in younger audiences the values of peace and family, that is worth something. “
  6. Mirza Baig: “Yes it is predictable, and the pranks are sometimes unintelligent, but I was left delightfully surprised by how much I enjoyed watching this one.”
  7. Writer of Pop: “While I can’t say that The War with Grandpa deserves an “A,” I can say that it does make for a good, solid “B” and a good enough excuse to get out of the house to see it – providing you can find a theater that is open.”

Not Recommended

  1. Daniel M. Kimmel (1.5/5): “It’s passable, if forgettable, entertainment for the 8-to-12 set, but please wait until it comes to streaming which – although no date has been announced – it will undoubtedly happen soon enough.”
  2. Dewey’s Movies: “…isn’t even entertaining for children. The comedic moments that DeNiro is known for are a result of playing off his tough-guy persona and, in the film, rely on his physical comedy. Really? Even those moments come off dull. Yes, we have seen that old freak out because of creatures gag tons of times. There’s no logical reason to tell anyone to mask up and see the film in a theater. For that matter, there’s no reason to even pay for it on-demand. Let’s pretend this film never happened”
  3. Forrest Hartman (2.5/4): “I do understand this is a movie and suspension of disbelief is part of the game. If you are willing to embrace a cinematic world where Grandpa can fall from towering heights without winding up in a coma and where Peter is too dim to see this as a horrifying possibility, “The War With Grandpa” is sort of fun.”
  4. Howard For Film: “Though the book has received much love over the years, there is little to love about this witless film. With the exception of one mildly amusing line about a diaper (which is in the trailer), the comedy, as it is, lands with a thud”
  5. Jerome Reviews (4/10): “Robert De Niro is the only real positive here. He tries his best with a very unfunny script and not a whole lot to work with, I will say there are some charming moments between the two characters Ed and Peter. But with every few charming moments comes some very unfunny slapstick that makes you roll you eyes, “
  6. Josh Lasser (2.5/5): “…my son, a couple years younger than Peter, thought the movie was hysterical and that if he could get his hands on some of the materials Peter uses, I’d have some fears for my father-in-law. But, without the equipment, he’s probably just waiting for a sequel. I, however, am not.”
  7. Real Movie Critic: “The pranks and gags can be amusing, but it seems like there was too much focus on that instead of trying to make a better story. In the end, it is another kids movie where families will have to endure once again.”

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