Should Apple Buy MGM and gain 4,000+ movies including Bond?

Here’s a wrinkle in the Bond saga we haven’t discussed yet: MGM possibly wanting to sell to another studio or streaming platform.

The buyer then would have access to thousands of movies, including the entire Bond library.

MGM would like to sell to another studio or streaming platform before the when pandemic ruins the film industry. Ulrich, sources talks, wanted to strike a settlement with the firm in the region of $8 billion. This is a high amount of money and while MGM controls a 4000 titles library which everything from “The Silence of Lambs” to “Rocky,” many intellectual titles that also has been heavily profited

Netflix Ready to Buy ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ Movie

The article seems to be perpetuating the rumor that Netflix might actually pay $600 million to buy the rights to Bond, but believe that’s already been debunked (see: No Time To Buy – At $800 Million, Don’t Blame Any Streaming Company for Saying “No!”).

I can see why MGM wants to get out, but there have been relatively few signs that Apple is interested in being or buying a film studio. Sure, they had roots in Pixar at one point when Steve Jobs was still alive, but look where that ended up (Disney).

It would be a good play for Apple to beef up their empty cupboards, but the price tag is very high ($8 billion?!). Despite having plenty of money to make that type of purchase and already committing to $6 billion for new content (see: Apple TV+ is all “about original programming” says CEO Tim Cook), I’d sooner think Amazon would be a more logical buyer for MGM than Apple. Still, Apple certainly could buy MGM. Something tells me though that they don’t want to go full in on another type of business right now and leave studio production to studios (see: Apple is #1 most valuable publicly traded company, fighting antitrust complaints, and now AppleTV+ somewhat on American Airlines)

Netflix might like to buy MGM, but that also seems unlikely to me, again due to the price tag. Who else is in the mix, studio-wise to buy them? Forget about AT&T, WarnerMedia seems to be more seller than buyer lately.

It is worth discussion that a way Bond might skip a theatrical release is through a sale to a streaming platform. We want to see Bond in theaters and hope MGM stays the course, but that’s anything but guaranteed in the current environment.

5 thoughts on “Should Apple Buy MGM and gain 4,000+ movies including Bond?

  1. This is an interesting dilemna. People need to stay home. MGM have a product that everyone wants to see. It should be a no brainer to make this the big Xmas film for home entertainment excpet there’s no proper recoup model. But it’s also potentially true that this same product could earn $1 billion if released into a virus-free (ish) cinemas next summer…

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      1. Right, agreed, but even a great film library can be exhausted in a couple of weeks, or the length of a free trial. There needs to be some joined-up thinking about how to get product in front of audiences; again, any Bond film already has hard and digital copies of all the films. Cinemas are rarely going to be more than half-way open for the forseeable, and the machanism is there to deliver films, but the pricing structure and promotion less so. The buffet system of Prime and Netflix works best for casual viewres rather than event pictures, made for big-screens. I wish I knew the answer!

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      2. It would be value-added to be able to go to one steaming service and see all 27 Bond films. Currently, they are parted out (see most of the Connery Bond films here, others there) and only a few go to each service, rotating around. Apple could lock this up for $8 billion 😉 Not saying that’s the right price for them, but it would give something other than Peanuts, Greyhound, The Morning Show, etc.

        The only viable way to keep people subscribed, to your point, is to continue to regularly add new content like Netflix does. This costs a huge amount of $$$. If you don’t have enough subscribers — cough, Quibi — or if you aren’t hyper-focused niche like Shudder, with lower budget new content and hard to find older content.

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