PLEASE NO CONTESTED RESULT — Whether Trump or Biden Wins Election 2020, We Need a Definitive Result

Just sealed envelope and will take to the ballot box in the morning, long before the deadline.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to get into who I’m voting for, nor asking you what your vote was. This site is about movies and TV shows, but there is an entertainment angle to this election that will be played out on TV that’s worth exploring. At least in a post or two, before we return to regular business.

For the record, I don’t believe the current polls are accurate.

I believed them in 2016 and was shocked, so this time around I’m going the converse: don’t believe them.

I simply don’t think Biden is ahead a little bit. He’s either ahead a lot more than the poll results say or Trump is a little ahead and nobody in the media wants to report that. Trump could also be way ahead and that would make the polls wrong. Biden could be way ahead, also, and that would make them wrong, too.

Whether or not President Trump is reelected isn’t what this post is about, it’s the drama that exists between the two possible outcomes and played out on multiple news broadcasts. on election day and beyond. This sort of political theater, at least once every four years is entertaining to watch. I think this year might be the most entertaining election coverage since I’ve followed … but I worry about an ending to the story.

Will we get an ending?

Here’s what I hope happens: a definitive outcome one way or the other. If Biden wins big, good, then President Trump better accept the loss gracefully. Biden already said in one of the debates he would accept the results if he lost and I believe he will.

For the sake and dignity of our country, whichever one wins, please to the other support the peaceful transfer of power. Please. We don’t need some super close contested results that drags on for days, weeks or … gasp —


Not knowing who the President of the United States will be is the unacceptable outcome. Will admit I fear that will be the outcome … at least for a little while.

I’ll be tuning in on Tuesday to follow the coverage, curious to see if the pundits are right or wrong, but hoping to find some definitive result.

I like that David Letterman is picking one side to win “big.” If the other side wins big, that’s OK with me, too. Just give us a “big” result one way or the other so we know what’s going to happen and who’s going to be the president the next four years.

I believe he will lose it big, and it will be a relief to every living being in this country, whether they realize it now or not. It certainly will be a relief to me and my family, and I think generally the population. I’m more confident now than I was then, and I was pretty confident then. I was wrong. I don’t think I’ll be wrong this time.

Interview: David Letterman on Trump and 2020 Election

Fellow American readers, whichever candidate you voted for — and I’m not asking to know but you’re welcome to share below if you want — I hope your candidate wins big.

I’ll accept either winner, although I have my favorite — and no, I’m not going to share who that is — I just hope he wins big. Biden or Trump, just win big already so we don’t have to hear about a deadlock over contested election results. That would just add insult to the pandemic injury.

Do you hope the result is undisputed? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

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