Borat 2 Watched By “tens of millions” Says Amazon

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ⭐️½

Something occurred to me as I was reading that the Borat sequel was watched by “tens of millions” — according to Amazon — that this release was cleverly timed near Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Studios’ Borat Subsequent Moviefilm — which marks the streamer’s first original global tentpole — said Tuesday the Sacha Baron Cohen sequel was streamed by  “tens of million of customers” during its debut over the weekend, resulting in huge engagement across its Prime Video platform

Amazon Studios Says ‘Borat 2’ Streamed by “Tens of Millions” of Prime Customers | Hollywood Reporter

We have to take these viewing stats on Amazon’s word, because there is no independent third party validation, but it seems like everybody is stroking their stats these days. Heck, I should claim this blog got a million views yesterday (not!).

It is possible as Amazon Prime has over 150 million subscribers. As much as they’re advertising it within Amazon Prime Video, an entire big yellow bar and numerous rotating ads inside the app, who could miss it? If we say 20% of their subscribers tuned in, there is 30+ million subscribers there. It’s believable. And they probably aren’t counting a viewer someone that watched only two minutes like Netflix does.

I’m sure it did well with viewers and we watched and reviewed it already. You can click the link at the top of the post to follow but to summarize: we aren’t fans and don’t recommend.

The genre is interesting: mockumentaries. Sort of binds real with fake in a documentary style. I’m just not a fan of Borat the character. I think maybe this one was almost as good as the first, but I likely wouldn’t recommend the first either (have to rewatch it though to say for sure, because that seemed like a long 14 years ago).

It’s hard not being intrigued by the mockumentary genre, but we need to care enough for the character to want to explore his (and her, in this case, as his 15 year old daughter is along for the ride — and she might be just more interesting) adventure. I’d much rather see Borat as an SNL character. He just wears out his welcome after 15 minutes or so with me. Just my opinion.

If you love Borat and think he’s hilarious, great. Humor like anything else is subjective.

But what I really want to talk about isn’t Borat, but the timing of the movie for Amazon. Do you think they cared that much about a Borat sequel or just wanted to use the film as a $120 million promotional push for Amazon? Not trying to be a conspiracy theorist, but that’s my bet on what this was about. If it had been a more significant film, not a sequel, something like The Irishman, and not so closely timed with one of their biggest sales times of the year, maybe this wouldn’t be in question.

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