TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S2E1 Chapter 9 – The Marshal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Season 2 – Episode 1 of 8
Air date: October 30, 2020
Run time: 54 minutes

Chapter 9 – “The Marshal”

This episode can best be summarized as: Star Wars meets Tremors on Tatooine. Clearly, Favreau and Filoni believe in the sentiment, “go big or go home.” Love it!

Glad to see Mando and The Child back, kicking it first in a fight club. Mando is on a mission to find another Mandolorian that can help lead him to others like The Child, only to be double-crossed at gunpoint. After Mando cleverly and cunningly dispatches the hostiles, The Child and him are off to Tatooine where Luke Skywalker once roamed as well as Tusken Raiders, Jawas and more. Good seeing this setting again. Felt somehow like going back to a childhood home.

There is an underground creature known as the Krayt Dragon, which is essentially a giant Tremors-like monster that is killing and terrorizing the surrounding area. At a nearby town, Mando encounter a town marshal wearing sacred Mandalorian armor. Mando is none too happy with the disrespect and a battle is about to ensue, when the Tremors-monster strikes. A deal will be struck if Mando helps slay the dragon and save the town he will be given back the armor.

You’ll have to tune into this excellent episode to see how it turns out. Other than The Child looking cute as always, not much involvement with him. Kept expecting he might use his powers to intervene. Again, you’ll have to watch to see if that happens.

This episode was written and directed by show creator Jon Favreau. He has written most of the episodes of Season 2, as was the case in Season 1, which means we’re in store for a lot of great Star Wars action and adventure! I think almost any series where continuity in an overall story is important the fewer writers involved, the better. There are several guest directors planned including Carl Weathers. The guest directors can collaborate and stylize as long as they stay true to Favreau and Dave Filoni’s basic series vision.

This episode jumps us right back in where we left off with an epic monster battle. Mando and The Child ride again!

S2:E1 Chapter 9 “The Marshal” rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

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Now, what follows gets into SPOILER territory. To offer additional perspective and insight, I went looking, reading and grabbed pull quotes from some other reviewers that I came across, there is no specific order otherwise below.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of The Mandalorian S2:E1 Chapter 9: “The Marshal”?

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

  1. Aleef Ashaari (80/100): “The production value remains extremely high, which is totally expected, and it’s always appreciated that the crew behind The Mandalorian is still incorporating practical effects whenever they can. The spirit of Star Wars has always been in pioneering special effects, so kudos to Favreau, Dave Filoni, and everyone involved.”
  2. Credits & Canon: “Overall a solid episode, if not a tad slow paced”
  3. Discussing Film / Michael Slavin (4.5/5):”When examining this as a standalone episode, it is perfectly serviceable at points and brilliant at others. While there are issues with it, some of that is likely a result of the aforementioned hype – simply creating standards that would have always been incredibly difficult to reach. The characters are still well-written, the plot is engaging, and once again, Baby Yoda still manages to bring me joy with every little appearance.”
  4. Pete Messum / critical popcorn (4/5): “…made for a solid, if not especially exciting start to The Mandalorian‘s second season. With fun action, cool aliens and some great bits of Baby Yoda reacting to everything around him (always a highlight in this show), it hits all the right beats, but it feels like the best is yet to come this season.”
  5. Talos More / Kyran Gibbons: “…brilliant Star Wars, packed with familiar themes, faces and locations while feeling just as fresh as the first season. Jon Favreau, showrunner turned episode director, but most importantly, Jon Favreau the Star Wars fan, knocked it out of the park.”
  6. The Sandcrawler Blog / Jacob Mahady: “Overall, this was a fantastic premiere. The entire episode was perfectly done. There was the perfect Western appeal that the show is styled after, there were elements of classic Star Wars while introducing some new aliens and concepts, and finally just look at that back story we got to Vanth and the insight we got into the Tuskan Raiders. What an interesting culture.”
  7. X-geeks: “This was a very strong opening episode and has set the bar for the rest of the season, without question. Last time around, as great as the episodes were, there was a fair amount of treading water with the main story arc, but already from only one episode, you just feel like the pacing and story progression will be a lot more focused this time around.”

What did you think of Chapter 9: “The Marshal”? Tell us about it in the comments below.

5 thoughts on “TV SERIES Review: The Mandalorian S2E1 Chapter 9 – The Marshal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

  1. Great start to what I hope will be an excellent season! The only thing that puts me off is that it’s called “Chapter 9” , since the past two chapters had the darksaber and the heightened scale, but then returns to a normal one. Why not season 2 episode 1? Still, a decent entry.


    1. I think it’s Chapter 9 because it’s an ongoing story and they simply cut off the story at 8 episodes. The chapters will continue to number up until the whole story is told. Perhaps when we learn what the true origins are behind The Child. Honestly, if it’s going to be the quality it has been so far it can go on for a long, long time 🙂

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