Gene Simmons Lists Family Jewels House for $22 Million, Moving To Washington State

The house where this show was filmed
is now on sale for $22 million

There’s something exciting about seeing a house for real that is featured in a movie or TV show. Once upon a time we drove by the house where The Osbournes were filmed. You can’t miss it. No, we didn’t stick around and gawk at their house, but will admit it was kind of cool to see from the street.

Other famous houses I’d like to see? The Amityville Horror house and the house from The Brady Bunch.

Another reality TV show house has just gone on the market, thanks to the “Rock and Roll All Night” bassist, Gene Simmons.

The listing, held by the Altman Brothers of Douglas Elliman, call it a “palatial estate” and an “incredible one of a kind 16,000 square-foot mansion.” It features seven bedrooms and bathrooms with a 40-foot foyer, and the 1.84-acre property contains a pool with a 60-foot water slide, full-size tennis court and parking for 35 cars. The house was shown extensively on Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, his reality show that ran on A&E between 2006 and 2012.

Gene Simmons’ ‘Palatial Estate’ Hits Market for $22 Million

We keep reading about people leaving California. Certain parts of the state are beautiful, like northern California (the Redwoods!) and some of the eastern and southern parts of the state. They also have some very good weather.

For the negatives, they’ve got some severe problems in major cities — drugs, crime, homelessness (not throwing shade, Seattle where we live is no paradise either) — and are heavy on taxes. These taxes drove away popular podcaster Joe Rogan to Texas and now Kiss bassist, Gene Simmons also wants to leave California.

If you’ve never seen Family Jewels, it was a better reality TV show than we expected. It mostly covered Gene and his long time girlfriend and former Playboy model Shannon Tweed and their two teen children, Nick and Sophie. They were a family but not married, because Gene Simmons, wasn’t wanting to settle down, despite having two children with Tweed and being a family outside of wedlock. You’ll have to watch the show to see what happens, but it was a different kind of reality show than The Osbournes.

What’s most fascinating to me about this story is that Simmons plans to move to Washington State. He cited the lower taxes and location near Mount Rainier as a compelling factor.

A view near our home, taken from this post: Mount Rainier Doesn’t Care About COVID-19

We live very close to Mount Rainier, so we might someday be neighbors with the famous long tongued bassist on “Hotter Than Hell.”


3 thoughts on “Gene Simmons Lists Family Jewels House for $22 Million, Moving To Washington State

  1. We are seeing more people leaving the cities as working remotely grows in popularity. There is no need to necessarily live close to where you work and deal with the frustration of commuting. A lot is going to change as the result of this pandemic. In my area, we are seeing families leaving the Boston area and moving up here. They want to be out of the close-contact transmission areas. Some work completely remote, others go to their office once a week, and still others do what we did which was work all week and live with family members and come to where the family is on the weekends.

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    1. There is tranquility to living rural, but in our case we live in perhaps a potentially devastating area if the mountain erupts. We’ll be wiped out within 45 minutes we’re told, so hopefully that doesn’t happen any time soon.

      Whatever virus is out there doesn’t wipe out towns within 45 minutes. I hope Simmons lives up high somewhere around here where he’s not in the valley at the base of the mountain like we are.

      Guess our decision to live rural the last 30 years has become more popular in 2020. House are selling like hotcakes all around us. Our city in fact is the most active for sales in the county.

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      1. That’s what’s happening where I live too. Home sales are way, way up. Fortunately, the biggest threat here is snow, which I can deal with. Some areas have flooding issues. I’m part way up a mountain with a seasonal streamt through my property and haven’t had issues. The only other issues are landslides and fire. Since the Willey family there’s never been a house taken out by a landslide.

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