Proof that George Lucas Originally Intended for Greedo to Shoot First in the Cantina

Star Wars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Star Wars fans will debate just about anything to do with the series. In the first movie, there is a scene in the Cantina where Han Solo appears to shoot Greedo first. That’s what we all believed to be the case. In a future edit, George Lucas tinkered with the original film and had it appear more clearly that Greedo shot first. Fans were outraged of what seemed like a minor change, resulting in a major character change for Han Solo.

Lucas’s position was that Greedo was supposed to shoot first. A researcher into the detail of the scene backs up the edit as being the originally intended vision for the scene.

Paul Duncan, author of The Star Wars Archives: Eps I-III: 1999-2005 recently filmed an unboxing, during which Duncan revealed how specific Lucas had been in his planning of the now-infamous cantina scene. He explained, “I found a document… that actually says that on frame 52, is the approximate start mark for Greedo– for his misfire. And frame 57 — five frames later, which is less than a quarter of a second — approximate start for Han returning fire.”

Star Wars: This Is How Hyperspecific George Lucas Was About the First Han/Greedo Edit

This raises a fascinating question. What if the original movie leaves something vague and open to interpretation, as our interpretation viewing was Han Solo shot Greedo first only to be edited years later to make it more clear that wasn’t the intended situation to be presented in the story?

Should the director change it in an edit or leave it the way it was? Sometimes mistakes in art become genius. Fixing the mistake can distort and damage the art.

I don’t like that Lucas kept tinkering with the original film Star Wars. I’m OK with him making director’s cuts and alternate versions, but don’t like when the original film is edited to modify the intent of scenes. I’m not the creator, but as a fan and viewer, I want Han Solo to have shot first in the Cantina. Maybe that wasn’t what Lucas wanted but it came out that way and it makes Han Solo’s renegade character more ruthless by him shooting first.

So, guess I’m siding with others that want to maintain the purity of this original scene. Heck, if they want to tell another story about Greedo and Han Solo, Disney has an opportunity here to expand on this infamous misunderstood scene.

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