LIMITED TIME OFFER: Stjepan Šejić HARLEEN 76% OFF at Google Play Books

You may not see a deal this good again anytime very soon: $29.99 to $6.99 (76% OFF)

Money is tight right now, which makes it even more important to point out good deals for those interested. There are no affiliate links in this post, this is a personal recommendation. You can navigate to the Google Play book store and type in “Harleen” and find the deal pictured above on 10/27/2020.

I’m certain this is a very LIMITED time offer, so if when reading this you see the price higher, perhaps add it to your wishlist and check back, as I’ve been doing until the price drops down to what you’re willing to pay for it.

I’ve bought precisely one graphic novel at the local independent store in the last year: HARLEEN.

Stjepan Šejić is the rare comic book creator that straddles the various kingdoms of the comics industry with ease. He has long been a fan-favorite creator in the webcomics world, from his days of releasing his romance/erotica/BDSM series Sunstone on DeviantArt for free to now, as he begins to serialize comics on social media.

Stjepan Šejić Leaves Corporate Comics And Isn’t Looking Back

The cover and jacket artwork was so beautiful that I couldn’t open the plastic and read it, instead focusing on the digital version to get through the first part. I’ve been waiting for the price to come down on my Google Play wishlist so I could buy the rest of the novel and it’s currently sitting at $6.99 USD, which is the lowest price I’ve ever seen.

Can it go much lower? Someday, maybe, but hey, I bought it, despite owning the book version that I might never open.

I can’t pronounce the artist’s name, but can appreciate his work. He worked on art for a companion book called ISLEY, that hasn’t been published yet. No idea based on him “leaving for-hire comics” if that will ever be published by DC, but I buy that, too, if it was available. Maybe in book form and digital as I’ve done now with HARLEEN.

Passing this along to fellow Harley Quinn fans and readers. Enjoy!

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