REPORT: Honest Thief Takes #1 Box Office Domestically for Second Week, The Empty Man Limps Into #4

2 consecutive weeks at #1

The total domestic box office top 10 this past weekend failed to pass $10 million. How could it, really, with a couple weak new movies, with The Empty Man, showing up wide and the other on less than 350 screens.

This left last weekend’s top three films to repeat their positions last week: Honest Thief, The War With Grandpa and Tenet.

1. Honest Thief (Open Road) Week 3; Last weekend #1 $2,350,000 (-43%) in 2,502 theaters (+83); PTA (per theater average): $939; Cumulative: $7,476,000
2. The War with Grandpa (101) Week 3; Last weekend #2 $1,883,000 (-25%) in 2,345 theaters (+85); PTA: $803; Cumulative: $9,720,000
3. Tenet (Warner Bros.) Week 8; Last weekend #3 $1,300,000 (-15%) in 1,801 theaters (-200); PTA: $722; Cumulative: $52,500,000
4. The Empty Man (Disney) NEW $1,265,000 in 2,027 theaters; PTA: $624; Cumulative: $1,265,000
5. The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney) REISSUE; Last weekend #4 $577,000 (-44%) in 1,614 theaters (-580); PTA: $357; Cumulative: $169,600,000
6. Hocus Pocus (Disney) REISSUE; Last weekend #5 $530,000 (-30%) in 1,424 theaters (-216); PTA: $372; Cumulative: $(adjusted) 94,300,000

The Empty Man Opens at Empty Theaters As Box Office Drops | IndieWire

We did our tiny little part to support the cinema experience locally. We went to see two different movies this weekend, both reviewed here, so there are four tickets and roughly $40 worth of concessions to help stave bankruptcy away for AMC. We feel safe at the theaters. They are a little cavernous feeling, however, like people in them are part of the undead. I don’t mean that with any pun.

Concessions would have cost even more if they weren’t running a promotion for $5 for regular popcorn and $5 for regular sized soda. They also have free upgrades for the AMC Stubs members.

The only new movies we haven’t seen at the theater currently showing in our area are: 2 Hearts, Yellow Rose and Kajillion. Not sure if we’ll be able to catch any of these as they only have like one screening per day each. The times might not line up with our schedules for these before the theaters stop screening them altogether … but maybe we’ll get a chance to see them.

We mentioned before we both became AMC Stubs A-List Members, which if Regal reopens in our area again will mean we now have two unlimited subscriptions each. We are on the hook for three months of AMC Stubs A-List, so it could mean we’re having to pay two different theater chains. We rolled the dice that Regal might stay closed, but if they reopen we’ll just be able to see more movies on our unlimited plans for a month or two.

AMC running promotion to earn $10 BONUS BUCKS for seeing 5 movies between now and 11/22 – we’ll have that done in two weeks or less

We don’t think Regal will reopen until a week or two before Christmas as the earliest, and only if Wonder Woman 1984 opens as scheduled. There really aren’t any other big titles opening wide before then. Maybe Free Guy on December 11 qualifies as somewhat noteworthy with Ryan Reynolds playing a guy inside a videogame. That looks pretty good.

There are some movies we’re looking forward to seeing like Freaky and Ammonite in November. Death on The Nile on December 18 also looks worthwhile. Gal Gadot is going to be in a whopping three movies in November and December: Red Notice (Netflix) in November, Death on The Nile and WW1984 in December.

Back to watching Borat 2 on Amazon Prime Video …

One thought on “REPORT: Honest Thief Takes #1 Box Office Domestically for Second Week, The Empty Man Limps Into #4

  1. I haven’t seen any of those. I want to see Honest Thief. My kids saw Tenet and loved it. Our theater is only now open Thurs – Sun, two showings, and six theaters. Finding it difficult to fit in. 🙂 I want the afternoon showings back. 🙂

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