7 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in November 2020

Theaters: Nov 13

Still hovering around 1-2 max new movies widely released in theaters in November. With classics and drop-in movies those with the AMC Stubs A-List pass will barely fill up their three movies per week included with the plan.

The results of the presidential election could give studios cold or warm feet — or maybe the results will have zero impact on if further delays and moves are coming.

At any rate, we’ve waited almost to the end of October to get this out, covering any movie date moves and changes so this would be as accurate as possible when posted. Movies get moved around in the current pandemic frequently, so not sure how reliable this will be by the end of the month. You can follow along on the 2020 list page for the updates. We also added the 2021 page to start looking forward to movies being released in theaters next year.

For historical reference, we’re including the films originally planned along with their rescheduled release dates, several have been pushed to 2021.

2020 Theater Releases

If you’d like to see a list of all movies released in 2020 click here (that post is being updated throughout the year).

All November 2020 movie release dates unless otherwise indicated are for the United States, the release dates in other countries can/may/will vary.

NOVEMBER 2020 (7 movies)

  • Let Him Go (delayed, move from August 21 to Nov 6)
  • Stillwater (Nov 6) [LIMITED] Matt Damon
  • Freaky – FIRST LOOK (Friday the 13th, Nov 13)
  • Clifford The Big Red Dog (Nov 13)
  • Ammonite – FIRST LOOK (Nov 13)
  • The Croods: A New Age (Moved up from Dec 23 to November 25)
  • Happiest Season (Nov 25)

  • Red Notice (Nov 13) – Netflix
  • Jingle Jangle (Nov 13) – Netflix
  • Run (Nov 20) – Hulu
  • Christmas on the Square (Nov 23) – Netflix
  • Iron Mask – FIRST LOOK (Nov 24) – VOD/PVOD
  • Uncle Frank (Nov 25) – Amazon Prime Video
  • The Christmas Chronicles 2 (Nov 25) – Netflix
  • Black Beauty (Nov 27) – Disney+

    • Black WidowFIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from May 1 to Nov 6, move #2 to May 7, 2021)
    • The Eternals (delayed, moved from Nov 6, 2020 to Feb 12, 2021)
    • Ron’s Gone Wrong (delayed, moved from November 6, 2020 to Feb 26, 2021)
    • Vivo (delayed, moved from November 6, 2020 to April 16, 2021, move #2 to June 4, 2021)
    • No Time To DieFIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from April 10, 2020 to Nov 20, move #2 to April 2, 2021)
    • Godzilla vs. KongFIRST LOOK (delayed, moved from March 13 to November 20, move #2 to May 21, 2021)
    • Soul (delayed, moved from June 19 to Nov 20, move #2 to December 25 via Disney+)
    • Voyagers (delayed, moved from Nov 25 to “TBA 2021”)
    • Raya And The Last Dragon (delayed, moved from Nov 25, 2020 to March 12, 2021)
    • King Richard (delayed, moved from November 25, 2020 to Nov 19, 2021) biopic on tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams and their father

As we look through the DELAYED list above, those 11 delayed movies would have been a major boost to movie theater interest. Instead, we’ll get the five movies below … maybe.

Let Him Go
(Nov 6)

(Nov 6)

No official trailer available.

(Friday the 13th, Nov 13)

Vince Vaughn plays a woman serial killer in his body. Blumhouse, it’s Friday the 13th, and there’s about to be bodies everywhere — or so we think based on the trailer.

Clifford The Big Red Dog
(Nov 13)

No official trailer available.

(Nov 13)

The Croods: A New Age
(Nov 25)

Happiest Season
(Nov 25)

No official trailer available.

Which of these movies, if any, are you looking forward to seeing?

Of the list of movies above released or delayed, what are you most looking forward to seeing? Are you going to wait for these movies to come to streaming or venture into theaters? If you’re still in a holding pattern, it’s all good. Let’s chat about it in the comments.

As always, wishing you all happy viewing, whatever you’re watching!

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