21+ Honest Thief Reviews – Don’t Cross Liam Neeson

Honest Thief ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The bad guys in all these Liam Neeson just never seem to get the memo. He’s not the senior citizen to mess around with. If he doesn’t beat you with his bare hands, he’ll pummel you with his cunning mind and fierce intellect.

To be fair, “Honest Thief” is honest about its intentions, providing a check-your-brain-at-the-door escape. Of course, the decision to enter the door to a theater in order to see something this marginal could be another matter.

‘Honest Thief’ review: Liam Neeson doesn’t steal much more than your time in his latest thriller – CNN

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Liam Neeson is the quintessential calm, dangerous action guy – even in his 60s

Nobody, and I mean nobody, does the cool and collected action flick better than Liam Neeson. He’ll have a cup of coffee and snap your neck in the next sentence. When you’re in your late 60s and still making films like this, well, you’re the man. Neeson is the man.

If that’s all you want to see, another Neeson Taken-esque film, this is your power pill, Pacman. He’s done so many of these films that they start to flow together. And yet none of them match up to Taken. His whole “I have a particular set of skills” line will still be around long after Neeson is gone.

It’s a little like Samuel Jackson belting out the MF profanity. We need to see Jackson yell and swear in a movie. If only Jackson was the cop in Honest Thief, instead of the guy from Burn Notice with a cute dog.

If only we had more of the T-1000 Terminator

But before we get to Burn Notice guy, let’s talk Terminator. Yeah, you know that guy, the morphing policeman that’s from the future in T2: Judgment Day is just the sage captain policemen that gets killed by a dirty cop wanting to steal the stolen money from Neeson.

Maybe it’s just me, but I can never get enough of Robert Patrick. He does that dry line like poetry and has the steeliest expressions. He’s got some of the coldest looking eyes on the planet. If only Meg Foster and Robert Patrick were a couple just imagine the evil spawn children movies they could have starred in?

Burn Notice guy’s dog is cute, but unnecessary to the story

Haven’t seen Burn Notice’s Jeffery Donovan for awhile, but he’s here to figure out what’s really going down and he’s got this really adorable dog in tow. Got the dog through the divorce, she took the house, and that dog overshadows Donovan’s character. It’s like all viewers can think about: the cute dog.

But what does the dog have to do with the movie? Zero. So minus points for all the cute dog shots. Wasted, wasted, wasted. Now, if the dog had somehow run across and tripped up somebody in the end of the film, maybe it would have mattered. Instead, the dog is just there to humanize Donovan’s character. To make us like him and want him to side with Neeson’s character. It doesn’t work. We like the dog more. We want the dog to do something he never does. Tease!

Reviews by Others

How do others feel about Honest Thief?


  1. film-authority.com: “Car-chases, fights and explosions follow, well-handled and never taking away from the central pull of the revenge narrative. So while Honest Thief doesn’t offer the all-singing, all-dancing hoopla of Bond, it’s a decent time-passer that satisfies in its own way.”
  2. Adam / Neko Random: “…a decent movie. I don’t seem to watch many action movies, but I don’t think this one would have done anything dramatically different than the rest. Critics weren’t too thrilled with this one, but fans seem to have a better opinion”
  3. Author Edmond Gagnon: “The movie is about what the title suggests”
  4. Being An Old Dad (2.5/5): “Overall it was an easy watch and on a five star scale I would give it a rating of (say) two and a half (maybe?). An average but watchable action movie with an average story with minimal plot twists and even fewer surprises.”
  5. Grim D. Reaper (3/4): “Viewers who aren’t fans of this kind of film may be pleasantly surprised by it if they give it a chance. High art? No, but entertaining enough for audiences seeking a bit of old-fashioned escapism.”
  6. Irish Film Critic (3.5/5): “…so utterly predictable and transparent, you can easily surmise what is about to transpire and it unfolds as expected. There is absolutely nothing new herein but the cast gives it their all and you find it almost impossible to not have fun while correctly guessing every step of the way.”
  7. Moviedoc: “…is ‘softer’ by Liam Neeson standards, yet is equally effortless to be entertained by as any of his more high-octane works.”
  8. Movie Reviews 101 / Darren Lucas: “…a fun, enjoyable action thriller, one that we know Liam Neeson can deliver in with ease, it is everything you would expect it to be, with the cute dog.”
  9. Novastream / Jason Cook: “Neeson brings his usual skills and you can just about believe a connection between him and Walsh. If you didn’t guess the ending from get-go, you’d do it pretty quick after and from there you can sit back and watch it unfold without giving it your every bit of attention.”
  10. Reel Review Roundup: “Neeson still has plenty of watchability and the thinly drawn characters are solidly performed by his supporting cast in this serviceable big screen offering.”
  11. Screen One: “So overall solid but otherwise unspectacular action thriller that should just about keep Liam Neeson fans happy.”
  12. Tall Writer: “…features efficient filmmaking, engaging storylines, and a small but effective core cast. It’s a solid action thriller with important dramatic and romantic elements at a deliberate pace.”
  13. The Reel Deal / David Palmer: “…a very harmless PG-13 thriller, and if you come across it on TV one day then sure, check it out. It is slated to play in theaters, and like “The War with Grandpa” I wouldn’t praise this as the savior of cinema or worth you venturing out into the real world to see, but if these Neeson shooters are your cup of guilty pleasure tea, then you should get your fix.”

Not Recommended

  1. Dan Gardner / RunPee: “The story is painfully predictable. The characters are cardboard. The acting is uninspired. I can’t fault the actors. There’s not much they could do with this plot and dialog.”
  2. Filmfanstake: “The story in Honest Thief is cut and paste from every other Liam Neeson thriller. He’s on the run, the cops are crooked and he has a cellphone. It’s all the same. If you’re looking for twists and turns you aren’t getting them here.”
  3. Howard For Film: “…mildly entertaining with competent, though not brilliant, performances all around”
  4. For What It’s Worth: “Neeson, so far from his turns in “Schindler’s List” (1993) and even Martin Scorsese’s “Silence” (2016), uses his stately Irish baritone to mansplain violence. The dialogue feels mostly like screenwriting workshop leftovers. In one scene Annie, now aware of what Tom’s up to, reacts with, “The first surprise was ‘Let’s get a cute house in Newton’ and the second surprise is that you’re a bank robber?” Honestly?”
  5. Josh Lasser / The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews (1.5/5): “Williams does everything he can to provide us with good reasons for Carter’s thefts and to show us how he isn’t a bad guy, just misunderstood. And every time the story adds another reason why we shouldn’t judge Carter for his thieving, the banality of the whole endeavor just grows. Instead of someone meaty to sink your teeth into, Carter becomes more and more bland as the story progresses.”
  6. Oliver’s Rants Raves & Reviews (2/5): “Quite predictable, minimal action and kicking ass, unlike in his earlier movies, Neeson is definitely showing his age (68) in this flick”
  7. Real Movie Critic: “Ever since Taken, Liam Neeson as an action star has started to become redundant and almost every action film he stars in is very formulaic and predictable. With this film it was the same thing.”
  8. TheFlemishSeth: “Neeson does have a particular set of skills, but in Honest Thief those skills are wasted on a bland actioner with no discernable identity of its own.”
  9. The Lost Highway Hotel: “…feels as though it was designed and destined for VOD obscurity, but lucked out with a cinema release during a global pandemic because theatres are frankly desperate for content. It’s wholly out of place up there. Imagine going to your multiplex and an episode of EastEnders was showing? (It’d probably be more gripping, in fairness).”

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