Greek-Cypriot Cinebur Gets Creative with the Cinematic Experience, but is the Timing Right?

Not sure if Cinebur is a creative method of movie screenings in 2020 or just an alterate viewing method vs. traditional movie theaters.

Cinebur is an application like Airbnb, except instead of travellers looking for a place to stay, it is for moviegoers who are looking for film screenings. Unlike movie theatres, Cinebur does not have a specific physical location where events are hosted, but its screenings take place in all kinds of venues, from boutiques and hotels, to wineries, schools, art studios, and even local properties of people who want to host screenings for their communities. Depending on the venue, Cinebur offers its viewers cocktails, fine wine, ice-cream or even smoking if the hosts allow it, which give the audience a comfortable, luxurious, homely feeling, but within a social environment where they can share their emotions with the other people, just like in movie theatres.

Cinebur: The Greek-Cypriot Platform Changing The Way We Enjoy Cinema – Greek City Times

I’m familiar with AirBnB, which is for people who want to stay in someone’s house for the night like staying in a motel. I’ve been reading that during the pandemic this type of business has not been doing well, but don’t follow this industry close enough to confirm or deny. Stands to reason though.

So Cinebur let’s movie fans enjoy movies not at theaters, but at alternate locations. It would be more intriguing — but not viable in current times — if it went full in on the AirBnB model and let anybody with a killer theater system invite others to watch movies at their homes. But who would do this during the pandemic? Yeah, that’s the problem.

Instead, these are movie events shown in more public-oriented places and will include other services, similar to the dinner theaters like Cinebarre (see: Cinebarre Salem, Oregon First Experience Seeing Zombieland: DoubleĀ Tap). We like the dinner and movie at a theater experience but am not sure about Cinebur trying to turn pretty much anywhere into a movie theater experience. I think it’s all a timing thing right now.

Then again, outside the United States right now this might be a good idea. What do you think? Would you want to go see a movie other than at a theater and at your own home (or with friends at their home)?

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