FIRST LOOK: Totally Under Control – Hulu

We share your pain in pandemic fatigue, but here in America we have an election coming in a few weeks and many still haven’t voted yet (my ballet will arrive in the next few days). I used to vote on election day in person, but for several years now it’s been strictly mail-in balloting.

One of the topics that many will be considering in who they vote for is what will future politicians will do about the pandemic? Personally, I have mixed opinions about politicizing the pandemic, but worried about the next four years. Heck, I’m worried about the next four months.

We’ve anticipated a wide variety of COVID-19 movies, documentaries and TV shows to begin appearing in entertainment. Totally Under Control scratches that itch on the documentary front.

Filmed in secret over five months, Totally Under Control (streaming on Hulu tomorrow) uses news footage and interviews with experts and government whistleblowers to show how the administration missed each opportunity to either stop the virus from arriving in the U.S. or prevent its spread. The filmmakers present these events in rapid, blow-by-blow succession, lending the doc an urgency that contrasts with the languid federal response to the pandemic.

‘Totally Under Control’: An Essential Pandemic Documentary – The Atlantic

Official trailer:

Totally Under Control is available for streaming via Hulu on October 20, 2020.

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