“First Major LGBTQ+ Holiday rom-com” Happiest Season Skips Domestic Theatrical Release for Hulu

Those hoping to watch Happiest Season this holiday on the big screen in the United States will now need a subscription to Hulu. Maybe you have one already, so kick back, it’s on the release radar next month.

“I am beyond grateful to Hulu for providing an incredible home for ‘Happiest Season,’ and I’ll forever cherish my journey with Sony Pictures who felt just as strongly as I did about the value of bringing the first major LGBTQ+ holiday rom-com to audiences,” said DuVall. “I’m hopeful that this universal story, told through a unique lens, will join the long list of holiday classics that continue to bring all of us so much joy and happiness.”

‘Happiest Season’ Heads to Hulu From Sony Pictures in U.S. – Variety

What’s curious about this release is why it isn’t happening in the theaters? More and more articles like this one point out that it’s not surprising when movies skip theaters in these times because not that many theaters are open. AMC is almost 90% open in all their theaters across the United States including parts of California and New York state. Sure, Regal closed and some Alamo Drafthouse theaters are closed, but it’s not like there aren’t theaters open nationwide.

Also, curious that being this is billed as the first major LGBTQ+ rom-com release, one would think they would at least try a theatrical release domestically? I don’t get how some of these decisions are being made for theatrical releases in the United States right now. Guess we are in the minority that like seeing new films first on the big screen. A Hulu release probably means they felt they’d make more money this way.

Happiest Season will stream on Hulu starting November 25, 2020.

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