The Online Ad Business Has Google Chrome in Crosshairs, Will This Impact Other Google Services?

Originally from YouTube
but on Netflix now

One business Google has only briefly flirted with is movie content creation and acquisition through YouTube TV Red.

They were the original money behind the first two seasons of Cobra Kai, but decided to sell to Netflix. Had Google decided to enter the fray, that would have been very interesting.

I think the reason they didn’t go deeper is they’d rather be on the ad side of things, it’s what they do, it’s how they make the lion’s share of their money.

People think search or Gmail when they think of Google, but the real financial engine that powers everything, that pays for everything are targeted ads to all of us that use their service. It might seem subtle, but those ads are there — and they pay Google very handsomely.

The government is about to dig into Google’s world and according to POLITICO sources, Google Chrome will be the first target of a possible antitrust lawsuit.

The conversations — amid preparations for an antitrust legal battle that DOJ is expected to begin in the coming weeks — could pave the way for the first court-ordered break-up of a U.S. company in decades. The forced sales would also represent major setbacks for Google, which uses its control of the world’s most popular web browser to aid the search engine that is the key to its fortunes.

Feds may target Google’s Chrome browser for breakup – POLITICO

If you use Google Chrome, what does this mean? Maybe you will want to consider alternatives down the road. We’ve been looking at Brave for awhile, which is based on the same technology as Chrome, only without the ad engine powered by Google. It is far from perfect and they’ve had their own issues, but is verified for Brave users. Took the extra steps to make that happen, anyway. This isn’t a recommendation to use Brave, but if you want to support a Chrome competitor that uses the same engine (it will seem very much like you’re using Chrome) and is advertising they want to be more privacy-safe to users, it’s one possible alternative.

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