Bad luck: SpongeBob director had another movie that skipped theatrical release around 9/11

At least in my lifetime anyway, this has been the bad luck year for many people.

The new Spongebob movie: SpongeBob on The Run is playing in Canada, but skipping theatrical release in the United States.

The director, Tim Hill, faced a situation with another movie of his released during the September 11 terrorist attack that was planned for theatrical release and went straight to video.

“It’s terrible. I was hoping for a big fanfare and a great premiere and seeing all the people I worked with, and doing a cast and crew screening, being able to at least thank people, which never happened,” Hill says. “It was just what we’re doing now, like, ‘Bye. Movie’s over.’ It didn’t feel natural, for sure.”

SpongeBob director on disappointing release – Exclusive

Talk about unfortunate timing.

I’m not a huge SpongeBob fan, but would like to have watched this at a theater in the United States. This, to me, is the unfortunate part when movies don’t screen in theaters. I don’t care if they are also available on VOD/streaming, the day and date release, but I’d like the option to see most new movies on the big screen first. My phone off, it’s my happy place going into the theater and shutting out the rest of the world.

We can and do watch movies at home, but it’s probably never going to feel quite the same. Am so excited that we have AMC theaters reopened in our theaters and a bit disappointed that Regal decided to shutter again.

For those of you in Canada and wherever else SpongeBob is playing, what do you think of the movie? Tell us about it — spoiler-free, please — if you’ve seen, or plan to see when it’s released on streaming.

The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run will be available on streaming in early 2021 in the United States, it’s available in some theaters internationally.

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