$70,000 of Coca-Cola Sprayed on Ground For No Time To Die Stunt Safety

The budget for Bond #25, now delayed until 2021 was $250 million and counting. We’re hearing about a stunt that involved $70,000 of Coke used for safety purposes.

The stunt in question is featured prominently in the “No Time to Die” trailers and finds Bond riding a motorcycle off a jump and over a wall to land on the cobblestone streets of Matera. Morrison said the specifics of the stunt had Craig’s stunt double motorcycle rider Paul Edwards riding off a 25ft ramp at 60mph. To secure Edwards’ safety, Coca-Cola was sprayed all over the cobblestone street so the surface would become sticky and help prevent any motorcycle slides and accidents.

‘No Time to Die’ Stunt Team Dumped Gallons of Coca-Cola on Street | IndieWire

Hey, what’s seventy grand in the name of human safety. You’d think that Coca-Cola would get some product placement and just cut the price way down. It’s soda water, after all. Very inexpensive to make and in bulk, heck, it gets even cheaper.

Then again if you’re just going to buy up a ton of that stuff, I sure hope they did it by truck and didn’t have to buy it packaged. Just think of the waste, if they did.

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