FIRST LOOK: The Kid Detective

Despite running this movie site and actively researching new movies coming out via multiple sources, sometimes I’ve noticed — and I don’t have an explanation why — movies just show up in the theater.

The Kid Detective is one of those movies.

I didn’t see it being talked about anywhere, didn’t see it on a release schedule, then AMC just reopens in our area and it’s showing at one of the reopened theaters as of the Friday schedule. I didn’t even see this as a movie that tickets could be preordered. This, along with it being a LIMITED release, explains why it wasn’t even included on our Wednesday post (see: Opening 10-16-2020 in Theaters: Honest Thief, 2 Hearts)

Curious, I did a little more digging on this movie and learned I’m not the only one pleasantly surprised when it showed up in theaters. Heck, Sony bought this movie and just put it out with little to no advance promotion. Thank you, Sony (definitely no sarcasm, we like new movies in theaters, more, more, more!)

With postproduction, we’ve been editing it all year. Film festivals have been mostly closed down and so we didn’t really get a chance to do that. Then Sony bought it, I don’t know, a month ago. Then last Monday, they go, “Hey, we’re going to put it on 1,000 screens, 850 screens in a week and then a bunch in the U.K. Here’s the publicity department. Talk to them, they’re going to cut a trailer.” So here we are, I’m doing press for a movie.

You didn’t know the movie was coming out until when?
Almost a week ago. It’s super weird and I want to be optimistic about it and I am … It’s so interesting and unlike anything, any road that any movie I’ve been on has traveled and we’ll see. But I’m pretty happy about it, I have to say.

Adam Brody Talks ‘The Kid Detective’ and Revisits Seth Cohen – The Ringer

Official trailer:

What do you think? Any interest in seeing?

The Kid Detective is open in LIMITED theaters as of October 16, 2020.

5 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: The Kid Detective

  1. This movie sounds interesting and I will add to my list. But Ihave to say I have seen situations like this even before the shutdown. When I would go to the movies there would be a film listed but had not been advertised much or would have limited release. I was told by the theater manager that they were not sure how it would go so they were putting it out slowly. I really see that being in the south verses movies that come out in the north. It is very intresting.

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      1. Yeah, I think it has something to do with the south being more conservative. Also, this is also the Bible belt. Some films are just going to have a harder time down here.

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