7+ Infidel Reviews – Dumb Decisions, Lifeless Action

Infidel ⭐️½

This movie is textbook bad. I want to take another star away and just declare it unwatchable, but there is actually a moment or two that redeem some of its existence.

The conservative answer to such Middle East-set films as “Rendition” and “Syriana,” “Infidel” is one of the widest exclusive-to-theaters U.S. releases since the pandemic closed most cinemas, reportedly opening on 2,400 screens in 1,724 locations. Originally intended to open on 9/11, the film takes a tough look at the dimension of both Christianity and Islam reluctant to co-exist with the other, and speculates as to which is better suited to “win” this standoff. It’s biased, of course, and the movie’s attitude toward Muslims could be summarized as: We will respect your religion, to a point, but the moment you try to limit our freedom, all bets are off.

‘Infidel’ Review: ‘Passion’ Star Jim Caviezel Risks Martyrdom Again – Variety

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Not Even Getting Into The Religious and Political Stuff

This is a faith-based movie, which might turn some moviegoers off. Not the case for us. We treat these movies like any other movie we watch unless they become too preachy. As it stands, this isn’t an issue with this film, but what is an issue is the overarching politics and religion. Not going to get into opinions on any of this, but will say that the way the main character acted in another country was stupid.

Not saying he deserved to be kidnapped and tortured, but, well, he deserved to be kidnapped at least. I’m kind of joking, but without that the story would have been boring.

Yeah, the main characters actions = dumb, dumb and dumber

If you escape captivity, why run down a busy road? You have all these little side alleys that a car won’t fit down — at least easily — and yet you run down the main road to be captured again? Of course if you’re a dumb fugitive that’s what you do. Run right back into the arms of your captors. I wanted to poke my eyes out with kernels of hot searing popcorn while watching this. Dude, really?!?!?!

The lethargic action

What was going on with the action scenes in this movie? It was like we’re in quicksand instead of moving through them with any sort of grace and pace. The sound didn’t even match some of the scenes. I didn’t get it.

There will always be fans

This isn’t Cats-level unwatchable. It’s better than some other movies we’ve seen this year in the theater, but it’s definitely trending toward the bottom of the list. The Last Shift is worse than this. The Turning, Underwater, Downhill, yeah, all worse than this. 2020 has made a particularly sucky grab bag of crappy films. This might go down as the worst year cinema has ever had. Seriously.

Look, just because we thought this movie sucked, doesn’t mean it sucks for everybody. I did find some who really enjoyed watching it (see below!). Not picking on those who liked it, but it wasn’t for either of us — at all. Follow and read the positive reviews which might inspire you to at least catch this on streaming. We can’t with any good conscience recommend paying to see this in a theater and we love watching movies in theaters. Watch Unhinged a second time instead, see Tenet for the third or fourth time. Hocus Pocus playing? Why not!

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Infidel?


  1. Multicultural Marriage: “I watched Cyrus Nowrasteh’s Infidel movie this weekend and highly recommend!”
  2. Rachel’s Reviews (6/10): “I don’t know what Christian audiences will think of Infidel? It is violent and has its share of F-bombs so I know that will turn away some people of faith. However, it is based on a true story and the action is exciting, so it has its appeal. Nevertheless, It’s a weird mixture but I was entertained enough to recommend it”
  3. That Darn Girl (3.5/5): “The storyline and action are both compelling and made for the big screen, however, you won’t have an urgency to buy it on DVD.”
  4. The Legionnaire: “I recommend it, and the swearing that Doug utters is understandable given the situation in which he finds himself. Who among us would not let loose a few f-bombs if we were being kidnapped by a terrorist organization? The point is, Caviezel is a typical Christian put into extraordinary circumstances, and God saw fit to see him through it all.”

Not Recommended

  1. Stanford Murrell: “It is unfortunate that D’Souza did not simply retell, and recreate the true events. The authentic story line would be more believable than the fictious narrative. The real characters would, no doubt, be more sympathetic than the personas created by Jim Caviezel and Claudia Karvan.”
  2. Wade Reviews Stuff (4/10): “This could have been a much more interesting movie if all, or even ANY, of these plot points had ever been cashed in. Sadly, it is a lot of subpar action that suddenly just stops abruptly & then the credits roll. With a different director, this could have been a decent, intriguing movie to watch. Instead, we get something nobody is going to remember the next day.”
  3. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “…is…okay…I guess? With the production value, ho hum direction, some awkward moments and an out of place action climax, it seems like it should’ve been a mediocre HBO or Showtime Original movie. But I’m guessing it is getting released in theaters because there is absolutely no competition right now and it thinks it can maybe make more money that way?”

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Happy movie watching!

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