Stevie Nicks signs with studio to create “Rhiannon” TV miniseries including 10 unpublished songs

“Rhinanno” featured on this
album with Fleetwood Mac

While a movie about Fleetwood Mac’s seemingly never ending drama seems destined to be created someday, in the meantime, Stevie Nicks has signed up with a studio to make something more out of her song, “Rhiannon” which was played in her early Buckingham Nicks days and recorded on the Mac album before Rumors.

If you scour old YouTube concert clips you can often hear Nicks introduce the song by saying, “This is a song about an old Welsh witch.”

There is a certain witchyness to the song, complete with Lindsey Buckingham’s signature fingerpicking pulling off that “doo-doo-doo, do-do-do” riff.

Have always loved the song “Rhiannon”, it’s probably Nicks’ best song with Fleetwood Mac, although that can easily be argued since it wasn’t even a track on their bestselling album Rumors.

This live performance of the song is one of the most epic live female rock performances ever recorded. Whatever force was inside Stevie Nicks that night, audiences can feel it all these years later. Yeah, cocaine magic might have played a part, but I’d like to think it’s more than drugs for this kind of performance.

When she wrote the song “Rhiannon” in 1973, she had little knowledge of the folklore behind the name. But five years later, a fan sent her four paperback novels in a Manila envelope — author Evangeline Walton’s adaptation of the ancient British Mabinogion. Nicks was so transfixed by the literature that she eventually bought the rights to Walton’s work in the hopes of bringing the epic to the big screen. Because of the scope of the story, it was later decided that the movie should be a television miniseries, and earlier this year Nicks says she finally signed a deal with a studio to make it. She has 10 songs that she’s never released, still on cassette tapes in a suitcase, set aside specifically for the project.

Stevie Nicks: Fleetwood Mac, Lindsey drama and Harry Styles – Los Angeles Times

The article switches back and forth from the miniseries project to Stevie’s surprise that fans are still wanting to know what happened with Lindsey Buckingham. He’s more on their minds than the history of the “Welsh witch” Rhiannon.

Was a smirk from Lindsey worth booting him from the band … seriously?

Yes, enquiring minds need to know, Stevie, when are you, Mick and company going to get Lindsey Buckingham back in the band? Doesn’t matter if it’s been a couple years, it was a bush league move to kick him out of the band.

Harmless Dave breaks down the reason behind the split — the infamous smirk!

History reminds that Nicks would never have gotten into the band without Buckingham saying the duo were a package deal when they wanted him to be their guitarist in the mid 70s. Some 40+ years later, it’s hard to imagine how his attitude and unwillingness, allegedly, to play another group of concerts would lead to his being removed. The fact that they added two musicians — good ones, yes (Neal Finn and Mike Campbell) — to replace him says something about just how valuable he was to the group.


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