Ad-Supported HBO Max Could Have 2-4 Minutes Per Hour, Peacock = 5, Hulu = 9

Too many ads for an ad-supported streaming channel? via Ready Player One

We last talked about an ad-supported HBO Max that is planned to launch at some point in 2021, maybe, here: Does an ad-supported HBO Max make sense, really?. Plans can change, especially in the current times, but I missed this article which is about a month old now that mentions more specifics of how these ads could actually impact subscribers.

Emphasis in the quote is ours.

In a marketing survey sent to consumers last week, WarnerMedia explained that an ad-supported version of its HBO Max streaming service could potentially carry just two to four minutes of advertising per viewing hour, a figure that would be less than the five minutes per hour that runs on NBCUniversal’s Peacock and the nine minutes per hour often utilized on Disney’s Hulu.

HBO Max Ad Plan Could Pair Commercials With Movie Classics – Variety

We currently subscribe to Hulu with ads. Definitely notice the ads, but didn’t realize they were 9 minutes per hour. They are much more noticeable with the TV series content than movies.

In fact, I don’t remember movies being interrupted to show ads in the middle, which is my overall concern with ads. Don’t show me ads in the middle of movies, please. I realize Live TV movies have commercials every 20-30 minutes or so. They end up adding an additional 15 minutes at least to a movie. I don’t like that and would rather pay a few bucks more a month to avoid that sort of movie watching intrusion.

Leaving our experience currently with Hulu aside for a moment, I’m not sure even if they cut the price in half for HBO Max with ads, that we’ll be interested. We like Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and Disney+ currently having zero ads. CBS All Access, another streaming service we subscribe to has ads, but at least with movies, aren’t intrusive. Understandable for live TV having commercials. Am OK with those there.


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