If you’re any kind of martial arts fan, you know all about Bruce Lee. Enter The Dragon is an iconic movie and a look at what more movies from him might have been had he not been taken away at a young age.

Last time Lee came up here was in reference to his controversial portrayal (see: Controversial Bruce Lee Portrayal In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – Tarantino Says He Won’t Recut Film For China) and he had plenty of people speaking for him, including his daughter, Shannon.

Abdul-Jabbar was Lee’s co-star in Game of Death, and the NBA legend was trained by the martial arts master. Kareem and Lee were good friends, which led to Abdul-Jabbar’s defense. He went as far as to say that Tarantino’s portrayal of Lee was “sloppy” and even “racist.” Shannon Lee, Bruce’s daughter, echoed a similar sentiment in an interview with USA Today

Everything Quentin Tarantino Got Wrong About Bruce Lee, According to the Martial Arts Legend’s Loved Ones

Be sure to watch the video linked in that article from Shannon Lee. Good stuff.

These 30 for 30 ESPN episodes are good stuff. I keep waiting to see this one appear on some streaming channel besides ESPN+, but maybe that will remain an exclusive.

This is the first single episode FIRST LOOK we’ve done, but as a standalone it makes sense.

Be Water, episode 30 of season 4 of ESPN 30 for 30 is available on ESPN+ and Google Play for purchase.

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