In October 2020 Peacock Will Get Stephen King’s Mr. Mercedes Series and all 45 Seasons of SNL

When a TV series is offered on a streaming channel but misses episodes, that’s not much fun. In the case of long running shows like The Simpsons (available on Disney+), fans want to see everything, not selected episodes from some seasons.

Peacock must have gotten the memo with SNL.

It marks the first time in years that the entire library has been available on a mainstream streaming platform, and it’s a crucial cornerstone for Peacock. Saturday Night Live’s catalog used to be available to stream in the early 2010s, but that was before the streaming wars kicked off. Yahoo! later briefly hosted the back catalog (alongside behind-the-scenes and unaired sketches cut for time), and here was a short-lived SNL app. Still, trying to stream every season using one of the bigger streaming platforms has become a difficult affair. Hulu currently hosts blocks of seasons (the first through the fifth, and then seasons 30 through 45), but a lot of it isn’t available, including Saturday Night Live’s ‘80s run.

All 45 seasons of Saturday Night Live are coming to Peacock – The Verge

The good news for Peacock subscribers continues. They are also getting the first two seasons of Stephen King’s Bill Hodges trilogy, Mr. Mercedes:

The first two seasons will premiere exclusively on the NBCUniversal streaming service on Thursday, October 15, with a premiere date for Season 3 TBD. The announcement came Monday, on King’s birthday.

Stephen King’s ‘Mr. Mercedes’ Crime Thriller Drama Series Lands At Peacock

There are many Stephen King adaptations I haven’t seen yet. Have seen many of his movies, but not all and a decent amount of TV adaptations, but just like his books, he’s given us a wealth of time to spend with his amazing imagination. Am looking forward to digging into Mr. Mercedes on Peacock.

As for SNL? I would love to watch every episode of the original era and Chris Farley and Adam Sandler eras. Also am interested in Eddie Murphy’s time and more recently I’m a fan of Kate Mackinnon and would like to explore more of her work. SNL has had some crazy good comedians on over the years. It will be good to deep dive these archived episodes.

What’s your favorite SNL comics era? The original is pretty hard to beat, but Lorne Michaels seems able to keep finding new comics to add to the show.

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