1,000 Blog Posts Milestone – Meta – 9/29/2020

1,000 blog posts made at MovieReviewsByUse.com as of 9/29/2020

This is post #1,000 since September 8, 2019.

This post can safely be skipped for it’s meta nature, unless you’re interested in our blog milestones, facts and figures. It’s only being made for historical reference, we’ll get back to regular programming with the very next post (soon). Thank you for reading!

The next blog post milestone will be at least 2,500, at the current rate of posting this will occur between late 2021 and early 2022. We also track milestones for subscribers and total reviews shared. The next movie review milestone is 1,000 reviews which at the current rate will occur in 2021.

Past Blog milestones

Thank you for reading!

There is no greater compliment for a writer than to have his/her work read. Liking something one has written is an added bonus, but writers want readers to feel something from their work. It doesn’t have to always be “I liked that!” but, yes, it does feel good. If you’ve enjoyed reading something here over the last year or so, I’m greatly appreciative for the time. I don’t just go through the motions with this site and never will. When and if I think there’s nothing left for me to offer, I’ll be done. The beauty of the what this site is about — movies, TV, creativity and art — well, I don’t think that ever has an ending.

It’s like we’re driving to somewhere we see in the distance but around every corner, there is another side road that leads somewhere unknown. That thrill of seeing something you’ve not seen before is unmatched. Together, health willing, we’ll continue this journey.

One can debate (with success, most likely) that an entertainment site like this doesn’t constitute “work” but reading and writing are something I’ve done longer than my memory of watching and enjoying movies. I’ve written some posts that I’m proud of here and others that, given the time and circumstance, I’d have fleshed out more or maybe even not posted at all. Having the time to write is a luxury my current day job affords me and for that I’m grateful, but if nobody was reading it wouldn’t be as enjoyable.

Something neat about WordPress: announced milestones and “firsts” inside the admin menu

Thank you for reading and if you like what’s going on here, please share with a friend or three, and feel free to leave any comments, suggestions or recommendations. Have a great day!

3 thoughts on “1,000 Blog Posts Milestone – Meta – 9/29/2020

    1. Thank you. When I was in my flash fiction short story phase at writing.com, I wrote a story every day for like 180+ days … that was a brutal personal challenge lol. I felt like the well of fresh ideas was running dry.

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