Flixed study participants rank AppleTV+ worst streaming service — what about Quibi?

Apparently Quibi was not a choice in the Flixed study ranking for streaming service interfaces. AppleTV+, despite the anemic library selection, is better than Quibi. Heck, Quibi might possibly be for sale (see: Quibi Reportedly Exploring More Cash, Merger, Or Being Acquired)

in a recent study from tech company Flixed, when participants were asked to rate their satisfaction with each service’s interface, Apple TV+ didn’t just rank badly, it was dead last behind Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and even cable TV. 

Apple TV+ Ranks Last in Interface, Content & Overall Satisfaction in Recent Study | Cord Cutters News

Am not familiar with Flixed (https://flixed.io/). It looks like a service that helps match up cord cutters with service. An affiliate code gateway, if you will, with some helpful looking articles and a fairly clean website interface.

The omission of Quibi from the ranking for a tech company is curious. Why not include Quibi?

We’ve tried all the main streaming services and are currently subscribed to the main ones (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock), and a few of the secondary and/or niche streamers (CBS All Access, Shudder). Quibi and AppleTV+ we do not have subscriptions to at the moment, but at last check, we were (very) underwhelmed.

Greyhound starring Tom Hanks premiered on AppleTV+ in 2020. That is one of their high points. They had some TV shows (The Morning Show starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon) that generated some buzz and there have been a few other movies they’ve cherry picked. My main criticism for their service is not enough content. Sure, they “only” charge $4.99/month, but they need more to justify charging even that.

Quibi has more content, but it’s the way they released it, in small 10 minute or less chunks and the fact that they wanted to force us to watch it on our cell phones that raises the most concern. They’ve repeatedly said they were going to enable cast to TV, but to date they still aren’t on Roku or Amazon Fire, only Chromecast. Yes, they share that in common with HBO Max, but the difference is WarnerMedia has wanted to work a deal since day one where Quibi launched with no interest in enabling cast to TV as an option. In fact, they specifically blocked this functionality.

We don’t need a study from Flixed or anybody else to declare Quibi the bottom of the streaming barrel, followed quite a bit higher by AppleTV+.

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